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We live in a time of pervasive media and persistent entertainment. We wake up to our smart phones and fall asleep to social media. In between, we're texting, browsing, listening, posting, and streaming using individually owned, permanently connected, mobile, interactive digital devices. Behind those devices, other technologies have significantly lowered the barriers and costs of media and entertainment production, while the internet has disrupted traditional distribution channels and players. For digitally savvy creative artists, entertainment entrepreneurs, lawyers, and executives, this is a time of attractive alternative paths and unprecedented opportunity.

Institute for Entertainment, Media, and Culture resources for students - Pepperdine UniversityPepperdine is uniquely positioned on a hill in Malibu— adjacent to the entertainment capital of the world, surrounded by celebrities, and overlooking a tranquil sea. We can be immersed in the digital disruption of entertainment and media, but also offer a respite, a chance to reflect. What kinds of stories do we want to tell? What next waves do we envision for entertainment? How do we enable successful career in the creative economy? What difference do we make to society?

The Institute for Entertainment, Media and Culture, the iEMC, is committed to developing more thoughtful interaction with and reflection upon the intersection of media, technology, entertainment, and culture. We're asking why we watch what we watch, play what we play, choose apps for this, or listen to that. At the iEMC, we're studying emerging media and shaping entertainment for the (un)common good, forging a brighter future for our children and for society.

Our vision for iEMC is to enable the emergence of a new generation of multi-disciplinary Pepperdine graduates, who are uniquely positioned for impactful leadership roles within the transforming, converging, and expanding sectors of media and entertainment, and who will be distinguished by their commitment to values-centered stewardship of the sectors' cultural and societal impacts.

We aim to accomplish this vision by facilitating the education and development of business-savvy creative artists, creative entrepreneurs, entertainment executives and lawyers by fostering the design and delivery of a portfolio of curriculum and pedagogical innovations across the degree and certificate programs at Pepperdine's five schools; cultivating close relationships with and involvement by industry stakeholders; and fostering appropriate applied research and "thought leadership" on the business, creative, legal, psychological, and policy issues associated with media and entertainment.

Join us at Pepperdine's iEMC to shape enriching educational experiences that will cultivate creative artists, educate entertainment entrepreneurs, lawyers and executives, mentor media makers and managers, and enrich culture and society. We look forward to your participation and engagement.

John Mooney, Executive Director
Craig Detweiler, Creative Director
Joi Carr, Academic Director for Film Studies, Seaver College Humanities and Teacher Education Division
Theresa de los Santos, Academic Director for Journalism, Seaver College Communication Division
Nelson Granados, Academic Director for Graziadio School of Business and Management
Victoria Schwartz, Academic Director for School of Law
Kathryn Linehan, Assistant Director