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Alumni - IEMC

Institute for Entertainment, Media, and Culture alumni Rob Moore - Pepperdine University

Pepperdine graduates have directed blockbusters like Eagle Eye and written thrillers like Knowing. They've created groundbreaking television like Laugh In and starred in sitcoms like Sister Sister. They've produced The Today Show and performed old school rap songs like "This is How we Do It." They've reported for The Los Angeles Times, The Denver Post, Fox News and ABC's Good Morning America. They're executive producing the MTV Video Music Awards, directing ad campaigns for Horizon Media and overseeing MySpace.

Thousands of Pepperdine grads work in the entertainment industry--at every film studio, broadcast network, countless cable television channels, across the music biz, in gaming companies, advertising agencies, PR firms, and major talent agencies. They serve as lawyers, financial analysts, account managers, and sales people. More than 500 current undergraduates are majoring in advertising, public relations, journalism, film, TV, and theater.

We'd love to hear about your path through the Hollywood labyrinth. Connect with the growing network of Pepperdine alums in entertainment on Facebook: Pepperdine Entertainment Network

Join us for special alumni events like dinner with David Weil, C.E.O. of the Anschutz Film Group and Walden Media or the Graziadio Dean's Executive Leadership Series with Jim Gianopulos (who offered an advance preview of Avatar).