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Colbie Caillat performance - Pepperdine University

Pepperdine University is launching the next generation of storytellers and executives to harness the power of media in a positive way. Building upon our remarkable location, we are a place where “know how” meets “how to.” We train our students to sit in any seat above the line. Check out the range of our recent productions, from comedies to musicals to award-winning documentaries. Our students will be media entrepreneurs equipped to shift with changing markets and formats.

For Prospective Students

Are you interested in the creative side of the entertainment industry, writing, and producing shows? Intrigued by the art of the deal, from packaging talent to securing distribution? What about the possibilities of social entrepreneurship and creating media companies that enrich culture? More than 600 Pepperdine students are currently preparing for careers in media. Our master's programs are smaller and selective, allowing for individual attention and mentorship.

For students who want to master the changing media marketplace, we offer a new MFA in cinematic media production. Pepperdine offers an MFA in writing for screen and television for creatives interested in serving as cultural leaders. For those wanting to study media effects, Pepperdine offers a MA in strategic communication.

Seaver College undergraduates may focus upon acting, advertising, film studies, integrated marketing, journalism, media production, and public relations. Over 250 students serve as interns for leading media companies each year. More than 75 percent of our students are offered jobs by their internships, a phenomenal placement rate. A wave of quality students have paved the way for the next generation of Pepperdine student interns.

The smartest media leaders must understand how market forces and intellectual property coalesce in this rapidly changing entertainment industry. Pepperdine has also established dynamic programs for creative entrepreneurs and innovative legal minds. We envision a day when our sharpest students in screenwriting and production connect with the emerging leaders in business and law to launch new initiatives. We want to create media entrepreneurs who can navigate the future of the industry.