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Genesis Lab Staff

Genesis Lab student and staff - Pepperdine University

"The most enjoyable moments of this trip was being able to talk to the staff about my future plans and what I wanted to make out of my life, and they actually believed in me and always encouraged me."

Meet Our Staff

Anna Speth - Pepperdine University

Anna Speth

Anna Speth is the librarian for emerging technology and digital projects at Payson Library. She holds a master's degree in library and information science. Speth previously worked with the Dig@Lab at Duke University, using emerging technology to look for new interpretations of humanities disciplines, and with the User Research Center at Harvard University, performing usability testing on archival discovery software.

Landon Phillips - Pepperdine University

Landon Phillips

Landon Phillips is the co-director of the Genesis Lab and Lead Instructional Designer at Pepperdine University. He is the co-author of the grant that created the Genesis Lab here at Pepperdine, and earned his master's degree in learning technology. Phillips has a passion for learning in all its forms, with a special place in his heart for both game-based and experiential learning styles. He is also a member of the faculty at Pepperdine and teaches a class on Photoshop and design.