Give2Pepp 2018

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Social Media Ambassador Sign-up

Save the Date

Mark your calendar for our second–annual Pepperdine Giving Day on Wednesday, March 7, 2018. Give2Pepp is a day dedicated to "generosity for generations." We will celebrate all things Pepperdine and enable the success of current and future students by each giving back to our Pepperdine passions during this 37-hour day (in honor of our 1937 founding).

Interested in Making Waves?

Please sign up to be on the Social Media Ambassador team!

What exactly are Social Media Ambassadors? Volunteer leaders dedicated to giving to their Pepperdine passions on March 7 and telling other members of the Pepperdine community about the power of generosity, especially using the wonders of social media. Materials, training, and swag will be provided in the coming weeks and months—all you have to do is spread the word!

Give2Pepp 03.07.18

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