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Testamentary Gifts

Some of the largest gifts made in support of Pepperdine University have been testamentary gifts. Fortunately, today's federal estate tax laws favor testamentary gifts. With the potential for combined federal estate and state death tax rates reducing significantly the size of an estate, a testamentary gift can be a desirable way to support Pepperdine and reduce estate taxes.

Testamentary Life-Income Gifts

Charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, pooled income fund gifts and charitable gift annuities all may be established through a donor's will. While such a gift will not provide tax savings during the donor's lifetime, a testamentary gift may reduce estate taxes, provide life-income for a loved one, and provide new estate planning options.

Please contact us at the Center, if you have any questions about estate planning in general, or are uncertain about which charitable option is best for you, or feel free to email Stephanie Buckley at stephanie.buckley@pepperdine.edu