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Past Seminar Topics

California Municipal Bonds
Randy J. Shaw, Wells Fargo Private Bank
2014 2nd Quarter Meeting

Real Estate Market Forecast
Alan W. Hale, Andrew T. Kirsh, Esq., David Chasin
2014 1st Quarter Meeting

2014 Charitable Giving Techniques Conference
Tim Voorhees, J.D., M.B.A., Curt Portzel, Tom Caldwell, Anissa Morse

Low Interest Rate Gift Planning
William Finestone, J.D., MBA, Finestone & Richter
2013 3rd Quarter Meeting

Zero Tax Planning Tools for 2013 and Beyond
Tim Voorhees, J.D., M.B.A., Matsen Voorhees Law
2013 2nd Quarter Meeting

What About Commodities?
Edward H. Fredericks, Jr., CFA, Graziadio School of Business and Management
2013 1st Quarter Meeting

2013 Charitable Giving Techniques Conference
Lani Starkey, Randy Huston, Stephanie Buckley, Curt Portzel, Tom Caldwell

2012 Gifting Strategies
Mark Powell, Esq., Albrecht & Barney
Andrea Kushner Ross, Esq., Karlin & Peebles, LLP
2012 3rd Quarter Meeting

Asset Protected Trusts
Paul E. DeLauro, J.D., CTFA, City National Bank
2012 2nd Quarter Meeting

2012 Economic Outlook
Christopher Thronberg, Beacon Economics
2012 1st Quarter Meeting

2012 3rd Annual Charitable Giving Techniques Conference
Edward Zusman, Kristine Knaplund, Stephanie Buckley, Curt Portzel, Tom Caldwell

North Chapter: Estate Planning Under the New Tax Regime
Johnathan A. Brod, Esq, former litigator for the IRS
South Chapter: How Planned Gifts Can Benefit Your Clients
Stephanie C. Buckley, Center for Estate and Gift Planning
2011 3rd Quarter Meeting

Tales From the Trust Officer Trenches
John Miller, Michael Denzinger, Christopher B. Schimmel, US Bank
2011 2nd Quarter Meeting

IRS Estate and Gift Tax Enforcement Hot Topics
Kym Taborn, Senior Estate and Gift Attorney for the IRS (North Chapter)
Jonathan A. Brod, Esq., (South Chapter)
2011 1st Quarter Meeting

2011 2nd Annual Charitable Giving Techniques Conference
Claudia Sangster, Elizabeth Bawden, Stephanie Buckley, Curt Portzel, Tom Caldwell 

Estate Planning for Real Estate
Robert A. Briskin, Esq., Law Offices of Robert A. Briskin
2010 3rd Quarter Meeting

Assessment of Capacity of the Older Adult
Dr. Stephanie Moore, American Board of Neuropsychology
2010 2nd Quarter Meeting

2010 Economic Outlook
Barbara Bruser/Otis Heald, City National Bank
2010 1st Quarter Meeting

2010 1st Annual Charitable Giving Techniques Conference
Kenneth Starr, Charles Schultz, Gregory Ogden, Stephanie Buckley, Curt Portzel 

Estate Planning in the Current Environment & Anticipated Changes to the Estate and Gift Tax Laws
Allan Cutrow/Felicia Chang, Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp, LLP
2009 3rd Quarter Meeting

Recession, Tough Times, Low AFR Rates, Uncertainty for Business Owners... Where to Turn? What to Do?
Richard Linsday, Planned Estate Services
2009 2nd Quarter Meeting

Economic Outlook for 2009. When Will This Recession End?
Keitaro Matsuda, Director of Economic Research, Union Bank of California
2009 1st Quarter Meeting

Spotting Estate Planning Issues - Thinking Outside Your Box
Erin L. Prouty, Estate Planning Specialist, Hoffman, Sabban & Watenmaker
2008 3rd Quarter Meeting

How to Raise Philanthropy in Conversation with Your Clients
Elizabeth A. Nixon, Estate Planning Attorney, Nixon Law Corporation
2008 2nd Quarter Meeting

2008 Economic and Market Outlook
Richard Weiss, Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, City National Asset Management
2008 1st Quarter Meeting

Fuzzy Math: Art, Uncle Sam, and the Human Factor
Rita Boyle, Director, Trust & Estates, Bonhams & Butterfields Auctioneers & Appraisers

2007 3rd Quarter Meeting

Lifestyle or Legacy?  Why Not Have Both?
Christopher J. Clarkson, Director Wealth Management Group, Bernstein Global Wealth Management
2007 2nd Quarter Meeting

Children, Philanthropy & Values: Family Philanthropy as a Parenting Tool
Claudia Sangster, Director of Philanthropy, Trust & Estate Services, Harris myCFO, Inc.
2007 1st Quarter Meeting

Cross-Border Philanthropy
Jane Peebles, J.D., Partner, Bingham McCutchen, LLP
2006 3rd Quarter Meetings

Legislative Update
Presented by Mike Anders, Vice President, Fidelity Charitable Services
2006 2nd Quarter Meetings

Economic Outlook 2006
Presented by Kate Warner, Principal, Edward Jones Research Department
2006 1st Quarter Meetings

Long Term Care
Presented by John Wilson, Director of DI/LTC Sales and Sales Strategies Support, Northwestern Mutual
2005 3rd Quarter Meetings

Wealth Preservation:
Integrating family virtues with wealth planning
Presented by Tom Rogerson, Senior Director, Mellon Bank's Private Wealth Management
2005 2nd Quarter Meetings

Economic Outlook: 2005
Presented by Rich Weiss, Chief Investment Officer, City National Bank
2005 1st Quarter Meetings

What Are We Currently Talking to Clients About?
Presented by Colleen Barney, Partner, Albrecht & Barney
2004 3rd Quarter Meetings

Eyes Believe What They See, Ears Believe Others
Presented by Paul J. Orfalea, Founder, former CEO Kinko's
2004 2nd Quarter Meetings

Challenges to the Economic Outlook
Presented by Lynn Reaser, Senior Market Strategist, Banc of America Capital Management
2004 1st Quarter Meetings

Asset Protection
Presented by Christopher Jarvis, Partner, Jarvis and Mandell, Century City
2003 3rd Quarter Meetings

Planning for Estate Tax Repeal or Exemption Increases
Presented by Erin L. Prouty, Associate, Hoffman, Sabban & Watenmaker, Los Angeles 
2003 2nd Quarter Meetings

The Economic Outlook for 2003: The Road Ahead
Presented by Timothy Leach, Executive VP & Chief Investment Officer, Wells Fargo Co. , Private Client Services
2003 1st Quarter Meetings

Recent Developments with the IRS
Presented by Charles W. Morris, Territory Manager for Estate and Tax, Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
2002 3rd Quarter Meetings

Creating an Organic Legacy for Your Clients
Presented by David Solie, President & CEO, Second Opinion
2002 2nd Quarter Meetings

The Economic Outlook for 2002: Implications for Estate Planning Professionals
Presented by Lynn Danielson, Senior Investment Officer, Northern Trust, Los Angeles
2002 1st Quarter Meetings

How Your Client Can Benefit from Charitable Planning
Presented by Mike E. O'Neal, J.D., C.P.A., Vice Chancellor and S. Keith Hinkle, J.D., C.P.A., Director Pepperdine University Center for Estate & Gift Planning, Malibu 
2001 3rd Quarter Meetings

Some Not So Ordinary Case Studies in Charitable Planning
Presented by James R. McDaniel, Esq., Partner, Reish, Luftman, McDaniel & Reicher, Los Angeles
2001 2nd Quarter Meetings

Asset Management and Trusts: A Guide to Maximizing Your Client's Total Return
Presented by Daryl Deke, Managing Director, Bernstein Investment Research & Management, Los Angeles
2001 1st Quarter Meetings

The Tragedy of Wealth: The Art of Understanding and Retaining Wealthy Clients
Presented by Tony Oppenheimer, President, Oppenheimer Management & Consulting Associates
2000 3rd Quarter Meetings

Understanding Aging: A Prerequisite for Succeeding with Older Clients
Presented by David L. Solie, MS, CHA, PA-C, Founder & CEO, Second Opinion
2000 2nd Quarter Meetings

The Defective Grantor Trust: An Effective Estate Planning Strategy for the New Millennium
Presented by Timothy Busch, J.D., C.P.A., Founder, The Busch Firm
2000 1st Quarter Meetings

Charitable Planning for Stock Options
Presented by Fred Marcus, J.D., LL.M., Partner, Freeman, Freeman & Smiley, LLP
1999 3rd Quarter Meetings

The IRA Puzzle: Making the Pieces Fit
Presented by Paul R. Nevans, Vice President, U.S. Trust Company, N.A.
1999 2nd Quarter Meetings

Family Business Succession Planning
Presented by John W. Ambrecht, J.D., LL.M., M.B.A. and Ralph M. Daniel, Ph.D., California Family Business Institute
1999 1st Quarter Meeting

Business Succession Strategies: Helping Owners of Closely Held Companies
Presented by Robert P. Fry, Jr., Senior Philanthropic Consultant, Merrill Lynch Company
1999 1st Quarter Meeting

The Charitable Gift Annuity: 2 Case Studies
Presented by Claudia B. Sangster, J.D., Senior Counsel, Estate & Gift Planning, Pepperdine University Center for Estate & Gift Planning

Charitable Estate Planning Vehicles
Presented by Steven Chidester, J.D., Cowley & Chidester and, Claudia B. Sangster, J.D., Senior Counsel, Estate& Gift Planning, Pepperdine University Center for Estate & Gift Planning
1998 3rd Quarter Meeting

Advanced Estate Planning: A Case Study
Presented by Jon J. Gallo,  J.D., Greenberg, Glusker, Fields, Claman & Machtinger, LLP
1998 3rd Quarter Meeting

Advanced Strategies in Transferring Wealth
Presented by Jane Peebles, J.D., Freeman, Freeman & Smiley, LLP
1998 Inaugural Meeting of PEPNET