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Donor Advised Fund

The Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is a flexible and powerful tool for giving at Pepperdine. To establish one, make a tax-deductible gift to Pepperdine to a fund named in your honor; and then you can advise the University on how to distribute charitable gifts from your fund. The increments and timing of the distributions are of your choosing.

  • Make an initial gift of cash, securities, real estate, LLC and LP interests, or other DAF or private foundation funds to Pepperdine
  • No cost to establish and no out-of-pocket expenses to maintain
  • Diversify concentrated holdings
  • Pepperdine does due diligence on grants to ensure money is used for charitable purposes
  • 50% of your annual distributions may support other charities
  Tax Benefits
  • Receive an immediate dollar-for-dollar income tax deduction
  • Avoid capital gains taxes on gifts of appreciated assets
  • Income tax deduction up to 50% of AGI
  • DAF assets grow tax-free
  Advantages Over a Private Foundation
  • No start-up costs and minimal paperwork
  • Maximum income tax deduction available
  • No excise taxes
  • Guidance of Pepperdine staff of attorneys, accountants, and real estate professionals
  • Anonymous distributions (if desired)
  • Ability to dissolve private foundation into a DAF
  • Little or no management, recordkeeping, and tax-filing responsibilities


Make a Gift to Your DAF

*Give cash, appreciated securities, or other assets

*No cost to establish

*Receive immediate income tax deduction


Flexible Contributions & Distributions

*Add to fund at any time

*Recommend annual gifts to Pepperdine and other public charities

*No out-of-pocket expenses to maintain


Alternative to Private Foundation

*Minimal paperwork

*Maximum income tax deduction available

*No excise taxes