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Trust and Estate Services

Trust and Estate Services Staff - Pepperdine University

The Pepperdine University Office of Trusts and Estates manages the administration of charitable gift annuities, charitable gift annuities for the home, and charitable remainder trusts for which Pepperdine (Wave Services) serves as trustee. The office is also responsible for the administration of donor advised funds, life estates, and living trusts where Pepperdine is designated as the trustee.

Trusts and Estates oversees the administration of record keeping, timely payments, and tax information. The expertise of our Office of Investments personally directs the investment of all trusts and charitable gift annuities. Their strong investment management expertise, disciplined strategies, and access to top-quality leadership team are apparent in the strong performance of the investments.

Mission Statement

To steward planned gifts entrusted to Pepperdine with the highest standards of professional integrity and care in a manner that increases the amount of resources available to all the beneficiaries.

Vision Statement

To leave a lasting legacy of ever-increasing resources available to the students by enabling a margin of excellence for Pepperdine University.


Meet the Team

Diane Carter - Pepperdine University

Diane Carter


Juliet Allup - Pepperdine University

Juliet Allup
Associate Director


Brent Reeve - Pepperdine University

Brent Reeve
Trust System Analyst


Natalie Hagedorn - Pepperdine University

Natalie Hagedorn
Office Manager