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About the Glazer Institute

"We are closer at our centers than (at) our peripherals, as paradoxical as that may seem."—Reverend Jim Butler, Fuller Theological Seminary, panelist, Common Ground Conference, November 2, 2009

Founded in 2008, the Glazer Institute was established based on the understanding that as a Christian University, Pepperdine’s students are especially open to discussions of faith and identity, but are often unacquainted with Christianity’s historical and ongoing relationship with Judaism. The Glazer Institute is designed to increase a majority-Christian academic community’s exposure to, discussion of, and awareness of Judaism, Jewish Studies, and Jewish culture. The Institute provides new avenues for students to explore the intersection of Judaism and Christianity through various opportunities, both curricular and co-curricular.

The Institute's mission is becoming increasingly important in today's globalized and expanding world. Still, many people of faith remain isolated in their own tradition, guarded and unapprised of other religions. This is particularly true within Christianity and Judaism—these two faiths, still inextricably intertwined, often maintain a wary and distant stalemate. With this in mind, the Glazer Institute works in three major areas to promote dialogue and understanding among the children of Abraham. Through work in the classroom, international opportunities, and co-curricular programs, it continues to expand horizons, challenge stereotypes, and open doors to lives of service, understanding, respect, and faith.