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Brenden Mann Internship Program At the Embassy of Israel (DC) and Consulate General of Israel (LA)

Program Overview

Due to the growing success and popularity of the Brenden Mann Israel Internship Program at Pepperdine University, we are adding two additional placements at the Embassy of Israel in Washington DC and/or the Consulate General of Israel in Los Angeles. Since both of these institutions play a critical role in facilitating Israeli-US relations, it would be an ideal internship for students to gain both professional experience and to learn more about Jewish history and culture. Internships at the embassy and Consulate General of Israel provide an excellent opportunity for college students to receive valuable insight into US-Israel relations and the nature of Israeli diplomacy. Interns are encouraged to attend the many events that take place regularly at these institutions. These internships are designed to provide students with an inside look at the day-to-day activities of the embassy and consulate. Interns are assigned projects in a range of fields, including public diplomacy (academic affairs, interreligious affairs, cultural affairs, and social media) and press. They are given the opportunity to help create public relations materials, respond to inquiries, research and manage information requests. Special projects may also be created for individual interns based on their skills and interests.

Requirements, Compensation, Credit

Internships last three months and are available fall, spring, and summer semesters. Students receive 4 credits and are assigned the requisite academic supervision. Interns are paid a single stipend of $2,500 by the Brenden Mann Foundation for the three-month internship.

Application Credit

Applicants are required to possess strong interpersonal, communication, and analytical skills as well as administrative abilities. For positions at the embassy, travel experience in Israel and knowledge of Israeli politics, society and culture are preferred. Students with strong computer skills, including experience with graphic design and multimedia editing, are particularly encouraged to apply.

Click here for the program application.