Brenden Mann Scholarship

Application and Awarding Process


The Diane and Guilford Glazer Institute for Jewish Studies welcomes undergraduate applicants for the Brenden Mann Scholars program. The Brenden Mann Scholars program aims to identify and support students with academic and extracurricular interests in both Jewish Studies and interfaith programming. Sponsored by the Glazer Institute, students will have the opportunity to work with experts in a wide range of fields, engaging issues of religious history, culture, and philosophy from both Jewish and Christian perspectives.

Scholarship Award

Students selected for the Brenden Mann Scholars program will receive an annual $10,000 scholarship. 


Applications for the Brenden Mann Scholars program is open to all incoming, first-year, and sophomore students at Seaver College.

Program Requirements

Students accepted to the Brenden Mann Scholars program will be responsible for completing:

1. One Glazer Course Annually:
Brenden Mann Scholars will be required to enroll in one approved course each academic year. Approved courses will include classes from a wide range of departments and disciplines. Each academic year Brenden Mann Scholars will be provided a list of approved courses. Classes that have previously qualified as approved courses include:

  • Abrahamic Faiths
  • The Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Holocaust Memory, History, and Representation
  • Religious and Cultural Life Cycle Rituals
  • Religion and Politics
  • Judaism and Psychology

2. Glazer Co-Curricular Events:
In addition to fulfilling the coursework requirement, Brenden Mann Scholars will be required to receive credit for participating in the Seaver College Jewish Culture Club's convocation program throughout the full academic year and will attend a minimum of four Glazer-sponsored co-curricular events per semester. These may include events such as lectures, film screenings, convocations, panels, or exhibitions. Brenden Mann Scholars will be expected to act as student ambassadors within the student body, participating in coordinating and publicizing Glazer Institute programs and events.

3. Capstone Summer Experience: 
Brenden Mann Scholars will be expected to participate in the Glazer Institute internship program in Israel, the Disapora Studies Program in Buenos Aires, or a similar summer intensive program during their undergraduate careers.

Acceptance into the Brenden Mann Scholars Program does not guarantee funding for each subsequent year of enrollment at Seaver College. Prior to each academic year, Brenden Mann Scholars will confirm course enrollment and co-curricular participation with the Institute; students will note their attendance with Glazer staff at each attended event. Students who do not meet the requirements of the Brenden Mann Scholars program will not receive renewed funding the following year.

Application Process and Timeline

  • Current and prospective students should submit their applications no later than April 15th.
  • Decisions will be made by April 26th
  • Finalists will be contacted for either an in-person or phone interview.
  • Submit your application as an attachment to Please include a copy of your most recent unofficial transcript and resume in your email.
  • Scholarship Application

About the Glazer Institute

The Glazer Institute was established based on the understanding that as a Christian University, Pepperdine's students are especially open to discussions of faith and identity, but are often unacquainted with Christianity's ongoing relationship with Judaism. Through work in the classroom, international opportunities, and co-curricular programs, it continues to expand horizons, challenge stereotypes, and open doors to lives of service, understanding, respect, and faith.

Scholarship Renewal

List of Glazer Approved Courses for Scholars