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I-20 Checklist

 STEP 1: Copy of Passport

Copy of your passport (and for each dependent who will apply for the F-2 visa)

 STEP 2: International Student Data (ISD) Form

Complete the International Student Data (ISD) Form. Please refer to the "Cost of Attendance" section below for tuition information and enter the amount you will incur in the first year. For Form I-20 purposes, estimate USD 2,700 per month for living and miscellaneous expenses, and USD 500 additionally per month for each dependent. NOTE: You must submit the ISD form electronically, separately from the rest of your documents.

  • If you are an applicant, the CWID field is not required and will need to be left blank. Please submit the ISD form without filling in the CWID area.
  • If you are an admitted or current student, please complete the CWID section before submitting the ISD form.

 STEP 3: Financial Guarantee and Affidavit of Support

Proof of Financial Support - You must submit documentary evidence of financial support each and every source that you have indicated on the ISD form. Any document that is not in the student's name must be accompanied by the Affidavit of Support. The financial support must be sufficient to cover the student's expenses for one academic year. For the list of acceptable financial documents, please see the Proof of Financial Support.

 STEP 4: SEVIS Status Verification (SSV) Form

If you have never attended a US institution on an F-1 visa, you do not have to submit this form.

Current F-1 students - If you are currently attending a school in the US or are on OPT/CPT, give this form to the Designated School Official (DSO) at your school. Your DSO will indicate on the form when your F-1 record may be released to Pepperdine University. Be sure to ask your DSO about the specific deadline by which your record must be released.

Former students - If you have previously attended a school in the US and your record is no longer active, please ask your DSO to provide information about your previous status on the ISD Form.

Complete the SEVIS Status Verification (SSV) Form.

  • If you are an applicant, please do not fill in the CWID section.
  • If you are an admitted or current student, please complete the CWID section.


 STEP 5: Where to Send Your Documents

  • If you are an admitted or current student, write your CWID number in the subject line, save all your documents as a PDF file and send them as an email attachment to admission-oiss@pepperdine.edu.