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Letters to the Editor

July 24, 2009  | 2 min read

Introducing Pepperdine Magazine

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I enjoyed the new Pepperdine Magazine. I am an alumnus who has not been responsive to the alumni correspondence over the years for various reasons. This new version of the magazine is very fresh, updated, creative, diverse, and multicultural. This magazine is reflective of me, the people I know, and the things for which we care. I think I’m ready to possibly reconnect!

—Roberta Leek (’76)

Just a note to say I thoroughly enjoyed the inaugural issue of the Pepperdine Magazine. Very interesting articles and stories. The overall quality of the publication was high and I was impressed with the exceptional graphics. As both a faculty member and a parent of two Seaver students I appreciate even more being a part of the Pepperdine community after reading the magazine.

—Robert Lloyd
Associate Professor of International Relations


Sharing the Moment

A truly historic moment, whatever your politics. Thanks for sharing Pepperdine’s many different experiences.

—Alec McNayr (’00)


Breaking Free

As an organization dealing with traumatized victims of crime and crisis for 35 years, we can validate through observation and experience what your research is affirming. Thank you!

—Will Marling
National Organization for Victim Assistance


Politics of Faith

I was inspired by Doug Kmiec’s deep faith and courage to act upon his convictions in the face of public humiliation, shame, and deep personal hurt. His story brought vivid clarity to the power of Christian fellowship and the supper of our Lord. I thank Doug for giving us this insight and thus calling us to live our faith more courageously in the world, knowing that while in the world we have tribulation, in Jesus we have peace.

—D’Esta Love (MDiv ’03)

Why are you airing a Catholic Church issue in the alumni magazine for a school affiliated with the Church of Christ? The communion issue should never have been given space in this article.

—Stephen Rogers (MBA ’94)

As the school’s official magazine, you should have at least made an effort to interview pro-life and pro-family leaders about the damage Kmiec did by misleading thousands of voters about Obama’s real anti-life and anti-Christian agenda.

—Steve Baldwin (’79)


Faithfully Ever After​

What a great research project. I would love to hear more about it. One of God’s greatest gifts was human imagination.

—Ron Rose


Center Stage

Corey sang at my wedding and did an amazing job. I am so happy for him. Can’t wait to see him on Broadway!

—Emily Bost-Baxter (’98)