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October 29, 2009  | 2 min read

Everyone Deserves an Advocate

Your article about Brittany Stringfellow-Otey was wonderfully done in several ways. First, it highlights the contributions of Pepperdine alumni to the poorest of the poor. Secondly, it contributes to the already well-earned reputation of Pepperdine grads as intelligent, service-oriented, and kind individuals. Your commitment to highlighting the service aspects of your alumni, and not merely their financial or business successes, continues to make me proud to be an alum.

—Dena Johnson (MS ’96)


I read with great interest the article, “Everyone Deserves an Advocate.” I began Pepperdine law school in 1991 and one of my most indelible experiences during 1L was when a group of us met one afternoon, got a couple of hours of briefing, and then went down to a shelter (this was a “warming center” in the valley) to counsel homeless folks. I spoke with three “clients” that evening and discovered a new world of disenfranchised people needing representation. To this day, I have been drawn to service and ministry to street people. It is very gratifying to learn that these once-a-semester ad hoc events have turned into a long-term commitment by Pepperdine.

—Eric Messelt (JD ’94)

Pastor, Lakeside Bible Chapel


All in the Family

You should do one viewing the Lakers through the lens of astrology next. I’m dead certain you could find some astrologer out there who could explain, in good astrological terms, why the Lakers were floundering in ’07 and champs in ’09. What it really is, of course, is basketball. There was talent around Kobe in ’09. There wasn’t in ’07. It wasn’t psychological problems, it was basketball problems.

—Anonymous Reader


Why Do We Pray?

What a lovely piece on prayer! Sometimes, just conjuring up a big choir in my head, and singing along with it IS my prayer. My favorite Bible verses are all in Psalms 139. Prayer is my lifeline to the Father who loves me and cares for me in so many ways. It’s a vital part of my relationship with the Father. But being human and frail at times, I don’t know what to pray about. . .so I just say, “God, you know my heart, and you know what I need, because I sure don’t.” I know he hears me.

—Carolyn Smith Wilson


This article in particular elicited numerous responses from Pepperdine Magazine readers. Visit magazine.pepperdine.edu/index.php/2009/07/scientific-knowledge-and-belief-in-god/ to join the conversation.