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Letters to the Editor

April 16, 2010  | 1 min read

Motivated by Mission

Congratulations on placing your money where your mission is! An excellent initiative.

—John B. Savage (MBA ’92)


An Endemic Experience

I have to say I’m pretty disgusted by the article about the Galapagos trip, falling all over itself continually repeating how the students were “embracing evolution” and “natural selection.” I am sad to see Pepperdine departing from its roots. George Pepperdine would turn over in his grave!

—Robin Hall (’73)


Alumni Association

I wonder why there is no information posted about the upcoming GPC V reunion that is planned for May 7 through 10 on the Malibu campus.

—Norma (Wade) Young-Mahaffey (’61)

Editor’s Note: With so many wonderful things happening at the University, we struggle to fit everything into Pepperdine Magazine. The Grand Pepperdine Celebration V (GPC V) will take place May 7 to 9 in Malibu. Please visit magazine.pepperdine.edu/gpc-v to learn more.


To Gratefulness

Professor Dyron, it is very enriching to hear from your personal experience and perspective about the Armenian Church. Your testimony makes my faith stronger.

—Fr. Shnork Demirjian


Mind, Body, and Soul

Great work you are doing. Congrats to all!

—Mary Scholer


Stepping out of the Spotlight

As a former educator I love and appreciate stories of young people making a difference in others lives. Keep your focus and enthusiasm, Hollie, and you will be very successful in your endeavors and successful in building self-esteem in your students.

—Barbara Hoyt