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August 31, 2010  | 2 min read

The Malibu Miracle - Pepperdine UniversityThe Malibu Miracle

Since few to no classrooms on the Malibu campus have windows anyway, it's what is happening inside those classrooms rather than down the hill that makes Pepperdine so special. Through its academic programs and philanthropic efforts the energy and tenacity of its founders is reflected in the students, staff, and faculty today; which makes Pepperdine a mainstay and a beacon to other private and public institutions of higher education.

-Johanna Chase (MA '93)


I think the college failed in one of its original missions to serve the inner city of L.A. I've been receiving the Pepperdine Magazine for several years, and mostly we see articles featuring students on trips and missions to other countries. Personally, I'd rather see more students and alumni featured working on projects in Watts, Compton, and the South L.A. area. It's unfortunate founder George Pepperdine didn't keep the old campus location after the Malibu campus was built.

-Robert Hemedes (BSM '98)


Every time I read Pepperdine history, I can't help but be in awe. The challenges, the determination, the spirit, and the dream. Recently I was back on campus after about three years…just in that short time alone, so much has changed. It still maintains an unbelievable beauty! I am so proud to be a part of the Pepperdine family...Pepperdine is where dreams happen.

-Jessica Ochoa-Briese ('02)


What an interesting story about how the Malibu campus came to be. I didn't know any of this. I started as a freshman at the Los Angeles campus in 1971. I remember the exodus of students who flew to the Malibu campus when it opened. I was part of a group who stayed at the L.A. campus and am so glad I did. I will never forget the wonderful years there—the people, the faculty, the campus, the education I received, the experiences. While all the money and attention was focused on the Malibu campus, we in L.A. seemed to be treated as ignored stepchildren. I can now see now that that's what the plan was; to save the University...Malibu over L.A. It's unfortunate the L.A. campus could not continue to be part of the University.

-Margarita Rodriguez Sanchez ('75)


What a miracle! I feel so blessed to have been a part of that history.

-Robert L. Fraley


Pepperdine shaped my future forever. I met the girl I dreamed of at Pepperdine College. We married and have enjoyed a wonderful life with our children and now grandchildren. My loyalty to Pepperdine is everlasting. I didn't hesitate to contribute to Pepperdine Malibu as one of the Founding 400. I'm proud of the University climate on that extraordinary foundation.

-Dick Vetter ('50)


Spiritual Abstraction

I really appreciate this article. As both a believer and an art lover myself, I have heard arguments among believers objecting to modern art using their faith as a basis of objection. Now there have been some objectionable directions that some have taken, but that is not a reason to throw out all modern art based on the art of a few. Thank you for giving me the answers needed to defend my position loving modern art.

-Cindy McCarty


Thanks for "Spiritual Abstraction." Our Pepperdine faculty and staff (like Michael Zakian, director of the Weisman Museum of Art) are a great resource for alumni's continuing education. What better way to share their expertise than through Pepperdine Magazine…keep it coming!

-Rebecca Schmeller (MBA '97)