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November 22, 2010  | 2 min read

The Power to Heal

I received my MBA from Pepperdine in 2006, and I absolutely love and miss the school. I look forward to reading and hearing about Pepperdine from my home in St. Louis, and I was especially thrilled to read about representatives from Pepperdine's School of Law working in Rwanda. I'm currently working with the government of Rwanda to build new radio and TV transmission sites throughout the country. I've traveled to Rwanda eight times, and I look forward to every visit. The country is beautiful, and the people are very friendly.

—Nathan Smith (MBA '06, PKE 116)


A Long and Deep Past

I am a parent of a student at Pepperdine University. I want to say thank you for this story on Pepperdine University and how it came to be. Mr. Pepperdine and all those involved in this wonderful University have really made a difference in so many students. I thank God for them and for all of you who continue to make a difference. I know my son has been blessed with a wonderful gift by being there.

—Yolanda Macias


Keeping the Hope

Wow, how inspiring. Chris is a gentleman who cares so deeply about others and this is a true heartfelt story of a unique, caring individual. I have shared this article with those I work with, as well as family and friends throughout the U.S. I just can't put into words the meaning of this foundation and how it truly is a celebration of life.

—Connie Kuennen


Introducing the Churches of Christ Heritage Center

I enjoyed your article regarding the Churches of Christ Heritage Center. I have had a chance to tour the center twice and have found it most interesting. Tracing our roots back in the Restoration Movement is an enlightening exercise that can shape our vision going forward. Jerry and his team have done a great job with the center.

—Mark Kirk

As one who loves our church heritage and the stories of the people who shaped our movement, I am thrilled to have the Churches of Christ Heritage Center at Pepperdine. I've done research at the Disciples of Christ Historical Society and the ACU Center for Restoration Studies. It is my hope that Pepperdine's Heritage Center will become an equal to these great resources for historians. The Churches of Christ will be blessed to have the stories of the Restoration Movement on the West Coast preserved for future generations.

—Bonnie Miller ('69, MS '01)


Medical Mission

I wish when I graduated that this would have been available. I had volunteered for Peace Corps but there were no openings so I joined VISTA. It was a good experience but there was not enough interaction with the people we most wanted to help. I envy the changed lives of not only the local people helped through dentistry, vision, and health care but also the providers. This changes one for a lifetime.

—Dentist, Pocatello, Idaho