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April 8, 2011  | 2 min read

Meet Carmen Landrum ('38)

I loved reading this delightful story! I enjoyed this glimpse of Pepperdine's earliest history. Thanks Carmen!

—Alyssa Rosenbaum ('05)


Four Decades of Discernment

Wayne was my teacher and friend in PKE —1980. Now 30 years later I still hear him say, “remember to keep breathing.” It’s funny, looking back at many years of education, I only remember a couple of teachers. Wayne is one of them.

—James Thomsen (MBA ’80, PKE 48)

What a great article about Wayne Strom and his many contributions to Pepperdine and his students! Wayne was our mentor, instructor, and friend in the Organizational Behavioral section of our program. I can second and endorse the comments made by Lynn Powers (MBA ’91, PKE 83) for the article. To this day, I use lessons learned from Wayne in my daily activities. Pepperdine and all his students are the fortunate ones to have benefited from Wayne’s teachings and guidance.

—Jay Corley (MBA ’78, PKE 32)

Had just sat down to take in Pepperdine Magazine and saw the article on Wayne Strom. I immediately laid on the floor, facing up, legs uncrossed, arms at my side, palms up, and started to BRRRRREATHHHHHHE. The whole time I’m remembering Wayne Strom and realizing just how important these sessions have been in my life for the past 22 years. Wayne is and will always be in the front row of very important people in my life.

Dr. Strom, you forever changed my life in so many facets! So much so, I took your class twice. Yes, twice. I was very delighted to see you in Pepperdine Magazine.

—Bryan Radosavcev (MBA ’09)

Dear Wayne, it was truly a delight to see you recognized for a career full of accomplishments. It brought back many fond memories of being “Strom-atized.” I can only say an inadequate “thanks” for all the teaching and true wisdom you have shared so freely, through Pepperdine and personally.

—Tom “TC” Cook (MBA ’01)


Taking a Byte

I'm interested to see what effect this will have on the human eye. Staring at television, e-books, and a computer screen for extended periods of time will, undoubtedly, take its toll on a person’s vision. We may be trading convenience for cataracts.

—Dietric Williams