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July 21, 2011  | 1 min read

Many Pepperdine faculty members released new books this year. Some titles include:

The Writer’s Compass: From Story Map to Finished Draft in 7 Stages, by Nancy Ellen Dodd, editor of the Graziadio Business Review and adjunct professor of screenwriting at Seaver College



Drugs and Drug Policy: What everyone needs to Know, by Angela Hawken, associate professor of public policy at the School of Public Policy, with Mark Kleiman and Jonathan Caulkins



The Price of a Pearl: The Transforming Power of God in the Lives of Women, by Maurice Hilliard, University athletic chaplain and project director at the Boone Center for the Family

Reagan at Westminster: Foreshadowing the end of the Cold War, by John M. Jones, associate professor of communication at Seaver College, with Robert C. Rowland





An Empire of Ice: Scott, Shackleton, and the Heroic Age of Antarctic Science, by Edward J. Larson, University Professor and Hugh and Hazel Darling Chair in Law (read an excerpt from his book on page 26 of this magazine)



Management Reset: Organizing for Sustainable Effectiveness by Chris Worley, professor of organization theory at the Graziadio School, with Edward E. Lawler III



Culturally Adaptive Counseling Skills: Demonstrations of Evidence-Based Practices, by Miguel E. Gallardo, associate professor of psychology at the Graduate School of Education and Psychology, with Christine J. yeh, Joseph E. Trimble, and Thomas A. Parham



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