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October 26, 2011  | 2 min read

Corps Values

I enjoyed reading the article about the Peace Corps and the involvement of so many Pepperdine alumni. It is great to see such dedication to a worthy cause. Many people may remember that just a few years after the creation of the Peace Corps, President Lyndon Johnson created the Job Corps. This program, which was also headed by Sargent Shriver, was developed to create a stronger and better-educated young work force in America. The first national director of the Job Corps appointed by President Johnson was former Pepperdine University professor Dr. Stephen Uslan. I wonder how many Pepperdine alumni have been involved with the Job Corps through the years? I would love to hear those stories.

Glen Uslan (’81)

Ed. Note: We would love to hear these stories as well. Please e-mail magazine@ pepperdine.edu to share your memories of serving with the Job Corps. And please keep the article ideas coming! We’re happy to hear from you.


The Triple Threat

Farrell Gean is a gifted human being. Those who learn from him are not just his students in his class but everyone who engages with him. He has the warmth, sincerity, and generosity of spirit which allows him to be remembered by all who meet him. I thank him for his gift of friendship to my family and am awed by his humility and talent. He is a mentor to his students and they will count him always as one of the best.

Alice Cone Osur


Farrell had a profound effect on shaping my life and served as a real role model for me in my early days at Lipscomb. I always felt he was responsible for me getting the opportunity to be recruited and signed by Lipscomb to play basketball for the Bisons from 1974 to 1978. The Christian environment on campus was just what the doctor ordered for a guy who was “rough around the edges” and liked to “push the envelope” and “live on the edge” when it came to behaving. The four years at Lipscomb taught me the value of a Christian education and showed me the way I should live and the light I should be guided by. I owe all that to Farrell and I’m deeply indebted to him for that.

Eddie Clausel


What a wonderful tribute to a gifted athlete and academic. It has been my privilege to work with Professor Gean at Pepperdine University. He has enriched the lives of his colleagues, students, friends, and brothers and sisters in Christ with his humor, grace, poetry, and love of the Word. Being inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame is well deserved, but merely a reflection of his many natural, God-given talents, and excellence in service.

Connie James


The best stories in this life are the “real” ones, and this well-written article helps set the stage for the many adventures, learning experiences, friendships, and opportunities that the Lord has provided for Farrell and our family over the years. His devotion to his family is proof that even though the miles may logistically separate us, the ties that bind us are even greater.

Ondie Mitchell


A Fine Balance

Wonderful! Product of a good education, and a whole lot more.

Mary Estes