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April 19, 2012  | 1 min read

The Unstoppable James R. Wilburn

Congratulations to Pepperdine University for recognizing Jim Wilburn as a leader among leaders. Jim is his own best example for all of us to follow. Jim is an exceptional model of courage, commitment, competence, patience, persistence, and vision. His contributions are those of a true shepherd. Jim Wilburn lives through a vision that he shares and makes real. Jim Wilburn is respected, admired, and emulated by his many students. He is the finest example of a true educator.
Bernard Luskin
CEO and Senior Provost Professor, Education and Psychology
Touro University Worldwide


Out of the Stress Zone

Great tips on stress reduction! Embracing the spiritual dimension combined with being active socially as well as physically exercising is very effective for many people.

I think a good way for a college student to deal with stress is, for one, to have God in your life or some spiritual outlet that lets you focus on something other than academics. What I’ve done to ease my stress from school is focus on art, more specifically music. The weeks leading up to finals, I listened to a lot more music and I think that helped because my final grades increased for all my classes.
-- Katiara


Ripe for Change

Bravo for the important work you are doing. I am a retired teacher with 40 years working in the public school system. I always took a brown bag lunch because I couldn’t stomach what passed for food in the cafeteria. Shamefully, I didn’t think I could do anything about it. I did try a school garden during my last few years of teaching. I admire Bangert and Oliver’s work. It’s about time someone did something to change what children have to eat at school.
Linda Harrington