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July 27, 2012  | 2 min read

Those Who Serve

Great stories about alumni of Pepperdine serving this great nation. I hope to be reading more about some of the guys who served during WWII and Korea. My hat goes off and thanks to all members of the armed forces who help keep this country free. Semper Fi.
Charles W. Curley ('59)

Great service to God and country! Our son Steven Mock graduated from Pepperdine in 2003 and is a first lieutenant in the U.S. Army as a physician’s assistant. We are proud of him and all those who serve.
Josie Decierdo Mock ('74)

I served in the U.S. Army from 1966 to 1968 with one tour of combat duty in Vietnam. I volunteered for the service. Why? Because by father and my uncles served in WWII, without whining, without fleeing to Canada, without standing on the street smoking pot and protesting the involvement of the United States. They went, as I did, because of the sense of duty and honor to our forefathers who braved enormous danger and hardship to protect the freedom of all citizens whatever their leanings. So I, and all of the veterans you will read about within, fought for our collective right to continue to be the beacon of hope for many less fortunate people of the world and preserve the right of all to make their own choices. I am in your debt Veteran!
Roger Patrick Herbert (MBA '81)


Tradition in Transit

I love this article. Ms. Rasha was my school counselor (the Ahliyyah School for Girls). She has an amazing personality; students still ask about her. She raised our self-esteem and worked really hard with us. She is such an inspirational person. She was and still is always by our side no matter how far in distance. Ms. Rasha changed us in a wonderful way. She is a great person who can not be forgotten.
Tala Arida

Congratulations Rasha and best of luck with your future plans! I can predict you need lots of courage and determination! Keep up the great efforts! BRAVO!
Robert Sabella

Dear Rasha, this is an article you will always be proud of but I am sure this will not be the last one to talk about your achievements. As an Arab woman and a friend who has come to know you well in the last few years, I certainly believe that you will put your special imprint wherever you are.
Helen Mitri Kandalaft


Seasons of Faith

An excellent piece!
Matt Duffy Chidley ('04)