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November 5, 2012  | 1 min read

Meet the Olympians

I am Saudi and very proud of Sarah and Wojdan :).
Ed. Note: As the summer issue of Pepperdine Magazine went to press, we learned that Sarah Attar would be one of the first two women ever to compete for Saudi Arabia at the Olympics. Now home from London and back in Pepperdine classrooms, Attar shares her Olympic experience: magazine.pepperdine.edu/attar


Around the World in 18 Games

Where or how can I buy the book? Didn’t find it at Amazon.
—Hugo Van Haecke
Ed. Note: Many readers expressed interest in Harry Nelson’s memoir Following the Flame. Copies are available for purchase. Please contact magazine@pepperdine.edu to learn more.



Between the Fellowship Hall and the Auditorium

I have met Dan and so was interested when friends Enoch and Jeannine Thweatt (who have worked with Chinese both in Taiwan and in the U.S. for over 30 years) told me that an article Dan had written addresses some of the concerns I expressed regarding trying to plan ways to work with Chinese here. I will share his experience and insights! Thank you and Dan Rodriguez for sharing this!
—Bev McGee



Woman of Valor

This is truly phenomenal work. And it seems so pleasurable and natural to her. Kudos Mrs. Boro!! I’m so proud of you!!
—Lloyd A. Bell

—Kimberly Seymour

Awesome job (great article), I’m super proud of you!!
—Lafayette Wiley

I’m so proud of you Mrs. Boro!! Keep up the great work!!
—Noah Boro

We have such inspiring alumni!
—Annalee Shelton