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August 2, 2013  | 2 min read

Science on Fire

Good to see this study in print. I did get interested in it when my husband and I were there. Loved hearing what Anna has done with her studies. Stephen Davis, your students are lucky to have you. Would have loved to have studied with you. Your involvement in the things you love to do just rubs off on them so eloquently.
—Terry Hanger

Bridging the Gap

Great article on experiences of Pepperdine’s Service Leadership Project. I had the fortune of being involved with the team who researched possibilities of consignment/thrift stores for Agape Villages Foster Care as a board member. I was very impressed with the thoroughness of their reports and recommendations on locations. I want to thank Pepperdine for your eagerness to encourage and facilitate a project like this which has the potential to make a difference in the lives of so many.
—Carolyn Miller

Red-Light Rescue

Wow. I can’t imagine. I’m glad Alezandra is shining light in the darkness.
—Kari Coppinger (’95)

The Rise and Rise of Young Adult Literature

I guess it’s all about what you can relate to. It’s easy for an adult to relate to a teenage story because they’ve walked in those shoes. I’m not sure the same can be said the other way round so easily. As a more mature adult myself, I’m not so keen on YA lit but I am very much drawn to coming-of-age stories from the time of my own youth. My favorite read of the last year has been Max Zimmer’s Journey (If Where You’re Going Isn’t Home).
—Dave Hamlin

The idea that YA literature is something new is a fallacy. What has occurred is that bookstores and publishers have created a category so books that teens can relate to can appear in one section of a bookstore. But long before the YA category was created, there were numerous books that teens could relate to. They were just spread throughout bookstores.
—Barry Hoffman