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Letters to the Editor

December 19, 2013  | 2 min read

I continue to enjoy Pepperdine Magazine. Great breadth of articles enthusiastically written with accompanying relative photographs. As a retiree from Pepperdine (Communication Division, ‘07), I am kept up-to-date about the “buzz” of Pepperdine—students, faculty, administrators, and departments—which is impressive. Though my wife and I live on an island in the middle of Puget Sound, Washington, Pepperdine Magazine keeps us in touch with our special university. Thank you.
—Winfred G. Allen

Brain in Motion

I am thrilled about your article in the August Pepperdine Magazine, “Brain in Motion.” I am an alum of Pepperdine class of 1942 with a joint major of education and psychology. I have taught in elementary schools and then for the last 15 years at Cal State University, Fresno, in the Early Childhood Department. My main subject was the teaching of reading. I had a strong emphasis in reading stories to the children and telling stories and I learned many things. In my reading classes I emphasized “telling” stories, which is a different skill but very rewarding. However, I did not know why, and you have explained it so well in this article.

—Mildred Rochelle (’42, MS ’77)

Brain in Motion

Today I had the opportunity to read your summer issue. I enjoyed catching up on Pepperdine current events and especially enjoyed Louis Cozolino’s reflections on the power and importance of storytelling. For me the stories we tell, the stories we pass on, bear witness to our lives. A few years back, my wife Georgianna became sick with a brain mass. While she was being treated I started to write. I wanted to remember some of the huggable moments that made me laugh, the moments that now seem so far away. The stories are for my kids and grandkids. Soon, I will pack them up and give a copy to each of them for a Christmas present. Godspeed and God bless as you continue riding the wave. Yes, we are all part of God’s ocean.

—John Tammaro