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December 7, 2015  | 1 min read

Semper Fortis


I feel very proud to know this man. I, too, served in the U.S. Navy and it warms my heart to see Billy do so much for others after his discharge. He is truly an inspiration to so many. Keep up the good work, old friend.

—Michael Bates


We are so proud of you. Thank you for all you do for our country.

—The Aton Family


What a wonderful young man. Thank you for all your dedication to the SEALs and your country. Bless you now for joining such a dedicated group of people helping the return veterans.

—Janice Smith


The Joy of Aging


Thank you for this, Marcia. We need to cultivate and share this healthy attitude.

—Teri Kinne


A Heart for Humanity

Janis, I was so proud to read this article. I have long known what a dedicated woman you are and am pleased to read that your alma mater recognizes you for your intelligence, experience, and loving heart. So many are leading healthy, normal lives because of you and the Alliance. God bless you in all your endeavors.

—Bette Frankel


Broad Strokes

Joe Piasentin, Avery Faulkner, and Bob Privett were my teachers from 1978–1980. All three inspired me  each in their own ways. I still paint to this day and remember the art “trailers” and jam sessions in the tunnels with great fondness.

—Colleen Casey


Joe was one of my favorite professors at Pepperdine. Such a wonderful guy.

—Maz Ameli (’04)