School of Public Policy to Host Discussion on Retirement and Pension Systems

September 24, 2018  | 1 min read

Washington, DC, campus - Pepperdine UniversityAs part of the California to Capitol Hill Conversation Series, Pepperdine School of Public Policy will host “The Future of American Retirement: Protecting Taxpayers from the Politicizing of Public Pension Accounts,” at the Washington, DC, campus on Tuesday, September 25, at noon EDT.

Moderated by Pete Peterson, dean of the School of Public Policy, the following guest speakers will discuss American public pension and retirement systems and explore potential changes needed to serve future generations:

  • Christopher Burnham

President, Institute for Pension Fund Integrity

Former Connecticut State Treasurer

  • Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

Director of Retirement Security, Economic Policy Institute;

Research Professor, Georgetown University

  • Wayne Winegarden

Senior Fellow in Business and Economics, Pacific Research Institute

  • Michael Belsky

Executive Director of the Center for Municipal Finance, Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago

  • The Honorable Joshua Gotbaum

Guest Scholar, Economic Studies, Brookings Institution

For additional information about this free event, visit the School of Public Policy website.