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OIE Staff Biographies

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 Seta Khajarian, EdD - Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment

Seta Khajarian (EdD '11), joined the OIE office in February 2021. Seta has served as the senior director of institutional effectiveness in the Education Division at the Pepperdine Graduate School of Education and Psychology (GSEP) since July 2018. With more than 20 years of experience in educational settings, Dr. Khajarian previously served an eight-year tenure as the academic director of Holy Martyrs Ferrahian High School in Encino, California. She led the school's accreditation successful re-affirmations. A graduate of the WASC Senior College and University Commission's (WSCUC) prestigious Assessment Leadership Academy (ALA), she has also served on the WSCUC Visiting Team to reaffirm accreditation of other universities. An experienced academician, she has taught several GSEP courses, including learning design and evaluation, and for the past five years has taught courses in organizational leadership and leadership innovation and change as an adjunct professor at Woodbury University in Burbank, California. Within Pepperdine, Dr. Khajarian serves as the institution's Accreditation Liaison Officer, and is a member of the Advancement of Student Learning Council (ASLC) and University Academic Council (UAC).

818.702.1036 | seta.khajarian@pepperdine.edu



 Jazmin Zane, PhD - Director of Institutional Research

Jazmin Zane joined OIE in 2013 as the Associate Director of Institutional Research, and became the Director of Institutional Research in 2018. Jazmin earned her doctorate degree in Social Welfare at the University of California, Los Angeles, and her research focused on obesity, public-health policy, systems theory, and community-based participatory research. Jazmin has worked on various research projects with the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, the UCLA Psychology Department, the UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs, and she was a co-investigator on a fast food menu labeling study in the UCLA Department of Social Welfare. Jazmin brings a strong analytical background to OIE and has extensive experience with quantitative data analysis in STATA and survey research methods. She is an active member of the California Association of Institutional Research (CAIR) and the Association for Institutional Research (AIR), and she oversees institutional research for Pepperdine. Jazmin also manages OIE's educational research efforts, and produces a wide range of reports that supports planning, institutional evaluation, and strategic decision-making within the University.

818.702.1037 | jazmin.zane@pepperdine.edu


 Bryan Reeder - Senior Business Assessment Analyst

Bryan Reeder has served as Associate Registrar for eight years at Pepperdine before transitioning to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, where his primary role is Senior Business Assessment Analyst. Bryan has served as Senior Business Assessment Analyst since February 2020. In this role, he works with faculty to set up assessment processes and performs analytic and reporting functions. He is excited to work with the various constituencies at Pepperdine to implement a successful assessment process to improve upon student learning.

818.702.1039 | bryan.reeder@pepperdine.edu


 Kailee Rogers - Senior Coordinator of Assessment

Kailee Rogers joined OIE in 2016 after graduating from Seaver College. In this role, she works with faculty to plan and facilitate assessment methodologies for individual programs. She also guides programs through the Program Review process, reviews annual assessment and Program Review reports, and trains faculty on using the Assessment Management Software. With her work in assessment as a student at Seaver and now with her command of assessment practices as the Senior Coordinator of Assessment, Kailee brings a unique perspective of the assessment process to faculty and staff. Kailee is excited to assist you with any of your assessment needs.

818.702.1040 | kailee.rogers@pepperdine.edu





 Yingying Hong - Research Assistant/Institutional Research Analyst

Yingying Hong joined Pepperdine University in 2016 and currently serves as Research Assistant/Institutional Research Analyst since January 2021. She served as WSCUC Accreditation Assistant for the OIE department from January 2020 to January 2021. After graduating from UCLA, Yingying earned her first master's degree in Public Policy with a specialization in applied economic policy at Pepperdine in April 2019. In the meantime, she studied at Pepperdine Caruso Law School for Dispute Resolution program. She interned at the United Nations in winter 2018, and she was a volunteer mediator for Los Angeles Superior Court in fall 2019. Yingying received her second master's degree in Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine Straus Institute in December 2019. Yingying was also a graduate research assistant at OIE from November 2017 to December 2019. She brings a diverse background to the OIE team and produces various projects with her data analysis and visualization expertise and excellent communication skills.

818.702.1426 | yingying.hong@pepperdine.edu