Assessment of Student Learning

Assessment Reports

Data is collected and analyzed to establish how well the University is meeting its student learning outcomes in three areas: Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs), the WSCUC five core competencies, and Seaver College General Education. The data is analyzed by faculty, students and administrators through different university and college wide committees. Reports are developed to provide support for data driven decision making. The reports are available on this website for community viewing.

Institutional Learning Outcomes

Core Competencies

General Education

Live Text

LiveText is a browser-based web application that enables institutions to systematically collect data for assessing student learning. Through its digital workspace, LiveText has the capability to measure assignments, journals, evaluations, and academic artifact collections, all of which are grounded in student learning outcomes and the institutional mission. The system stores and organizes data for reporting using analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions

LiveText website

How do I obtain a LiveText account?

If you are interested in using LiveText, please contact Xizhu Wang to request an account.

I have an account, but I need some help starting.

Is there a support team at Pepperdine that can help me?


This page contains resources that should be helpful at any stage of assessment. National Organizations contains information about assessment as well as workshops and conferences. Assessment Glossary defines common terms used in assessment literature. Assessment Tools redirects to the University's assessment management software, LiveText. University Websites contains a list of links to assessment websites at other Universities. The Assessment Guides provides informational guidebooks that can assist with the development of student learning outcomes, rubrics ,and multimodal assessment methodologies.