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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)


Quick Facts

  • 51% Students of Color Enrolled Fall 2021
  • 95% 1-Year Retention Rate for Students of Color who Entered Fall 2020
  • 86% 6-Year Graduation Rate for Students of Color who Entered Fall 2015
  • 30% Instructional Faculty of Color Employed as of November 1, 2021


OIE Terms and Definitions

The OIE recognizes the complex and dynamic nature associated with defining DEI; thus, the terms below are meant to serve as definitions for OIE-related deliverables and research activities only and are not meant to represent, or serve as, University definitions. 

  • Diversity: individual, group, and/or social differences. 
  • Equity: fair treatment, access, and opportunities for all people, including the attempt to identify and eliminate barriers that hinder full participation.
  • Inclusion: environments in which all people feel welcomed, respected, supported, valued, and invited to participate.

 OIE Reports

OIE DEI Reports

OIE Research Briefs


  • OIE Equity Report
  • OIE Infographic | HEDS Survey

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