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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)



Students of Color Enrolled
As of fall 2020


1-Year Retention Rate for Students of Color
Fall 2018 FTFT cohort


6-Year Graduation Rate for Students of Color
Fall 2014 FTFT cohort


Instructional Faculty of Color
As of November 1, 2020



OIE DEI Reports

OIE Research Briefs

In-Progress/Coming Soon

  • OIE Equity Report
  • OIE Infographic | HEDS Survey

Seaver Faulty in Classroom


Coming soon.


OIE Terms and Definitions

The OIE recognizes the complex and dynamic nature associated with defining DEI; thus, the terms below are meant to serve as definitions for OIE-related deliverables and reporting only and are not meant to represent, or serve as, university definitions. The following definitions were adapted from the Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium and Independent Sector.

  • Diversity: differences among people based on race and ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, culture, national origin, faith/religious identity, age, ability status, and political perspective.
  • Equity: fair treatment, access, and opportunities for all people, including the attempt to identify and eliminate barriers that hinder full participation from some groups.
  • Inclusion: environments in which all people feel welcomed, respected, supported, valued, and invited to participate.