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Pepperdine University

Fall E-Festival 2020

Thank you for your support! We raised $8,400 through our
Fall E-Festival this year. We so appreciate your generosity towards
PLP and our Helen Young Scholars.


Pepperdine Legacy Partners (PLP) has hosted an annual Fall Festival every year since the founding of Associated Women for Pepperdine in 1958, where guests would shop at our boutique in Malibu. Due to this year's health and safety concerns resulting from the coronavirus pandemic,  Pepperdine Legacy Partners will host an online fundraising effort for the Helen Young Scholarship Fund from October 19–31, 2020 EXTENDED UNTIL NOVEMBER 13, 2020.

PLP aims to raise $10,000. All proceeds will be allocated toward the Helen Young Scholarship Fund for Pepperdine students. The fund will allow PLP to support 52 current scholarship recipients as well as increase offerings for the 2021–22 academic year.

Our event format has changed, but our cause remains the same. During our first-ever Fall E-Festival, consider giving a gift to help Pepperdine students.


Music from Won by One

Listen to music from Won by One, Pepperdine University's six-member undergraduate a cappella performing group.



Watch a devotional message from Eric Wilson, Pepperdine's full-time preaching minister at University Church of Christ.


Watch a devotional message from Jeff Walling, director of Pepperdine's Youth Leadership Initiative. 


Student Testimonials

Watch videos to hear messages from Pepperdine students.





Read heartfelt comments from previous and current scholarship recipients.

"The blessings of attending Pepperdine are second to my relationship with God. During the spring Campus Ministry retreat, I truly felt God's presence. The Holy Spirit filled me and I was humbled. Thank you for your generosity and your interest in my life."

"At first I was anxious about attending Pepperdine, but I am grateful that I have followed God in his will and that he has led me where I needed to go. Thank you so much for your support. Your contribution is well received."

"This scholarship is a great help to my family and me. I came to Pepperdine, which holds that "the truth, having nothing to fear from investigation, should be pursued relentlessly in every discipline."  I thoroughly enjoy the discussion that the academic environment engenders on campus, both in and outside the classroom."

"Without your contribution, none of my past growth and future experiences as a Pepperdine student would be possible. I am sincerely grateful for all you have done and will continue to do for the Christian leaders of Pepperdine."

"Pepperdine has become my home, and I am so grateful for what you have given me. My entire college experience would be completely different without you."

"I truly hope to be worthy of this scholarship through my years at Pepperdine. Wherever God decides to send me, I know that my education at Pepperdine is a vital step toward the accomplishment of my dreams. Thank you for helping me to draw closer to God's plan for me."

"Your support and love that goes into each scholarship goes beyond the money. This act of ministry  has aided thousands of students for years. Thank you for your many hours spent raising money and working over your limits to make sure this scholarship stays alive. Thank you for your many days spent in deep prayer for me and my fellow students."

"I always desired to attend a private Christian college, and my dream has become a reality because of people like you. I have a powerful desire to be part of a medical missions team, and because of  your generosity, I will be able to give back my talents to those who have limited access to good healthcare."

"I promise I will make a positive impact on the Pepperdine community and hope to help contribute to this scholarship when I graduate and have a job. Thank you for your generosity and for believing in me."

"Not only will your aid assist in paving a road toward my dream career, but it grants me access to the enriching spiritual environment of Pepperdine. I will continually remember that you helped open the door to this exemplary university for me, which has been a dream of mine to attend since I was a little girl."

"You have helped make so many opportunities, once mere hopes and far-fetched dreams, into memories and treasured experiences that have helped shape me. I will forever look at my time at Pepperdine as a chapter of immense growth, adventure, and discovery. Thank you for your devotion to education, and to helping students like me have the opportunity to thrive, both academically and spiritually, at an incredible University."

"In a pre-med field where many depend upon tangible, scientific evidence to determine their beliefs, Pepperdine is giving me unduplicatable spiritual guidance that I know makes God proud. This scholarship has provided, and will continue to provide me, with the chance to earn a lifelong education that serves deeper than simple course descriptions; for that, I am eternally grateful."

"Through the first connections I was able to make through PLP, I found that community and a place I could call home. Through house groups, flea markets, receptions, and even calls from my PLP prayer partner, all the way to Buenos Aires, Argentina, during my sophomore year, the influence that PLP has had on my time at Pepperdine has been foundational."

"I am deeply thankful for this scholarship, which enables me to go to the highest-ranked Church of Christ school in the nation. I'm aspiring to a future in nonprofit or government service work, and Pepperdine is the best way for me to get there. I can continue to develop my Christian faith while earning a prestigious degree, with a future that integrates both."

"Without the contribution of the PLP scholarship, I doubt I would have been able to experience such an enriching spiritual community at Pepperdine.  I am infinitely thankful for each and every opportunity that has been presented to deepen my faith during my time at this school."