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Practicing Faith

Welcome to Pepperdine's Practicing Faith resource. Click around to discover curated spiritual practices designed to guide you through practices of faith and community.

Praying Creating Grieving Gathering Discerning Resting Peacemaking

At Pepperdine, we believe faith is to be practiced. We never arrive at or happen upon a perfected faith, but we practice faith day by day. Spiritual practices serve as a rhythm of life by which we encounter God. You might think of spiritual practices like the mosaic elements on a stained glass window. While we encounter each one separately, as a whole they help us become people with spiritual resilience, equipped to participate in God's work in the world.

Practicing your faith is not an assignment. Not a to-do list. Not a reason to feel shame or beat yourself up for not doing it "right." In fact, there is no "right" or "best way" to practice. Practicing faith is, well, practice. We pray this resource renews your soul and draws you into the active life of God.

Welcome, beloved.

Sara Barton, University Chaplain
Reach out to chaplain@pepperdine.edu for spiritual care.

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