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The Bible is a grand story of God gathering people. In the Bible it is clear that it is in God's nature to gather. The three members of the Trinity, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, are not divided but gathered.

It's a challenge to comprehend the mystery of the Trinity. However, the Greek word perichoresis can help us understand. Peri means "around," like in the word perimeter. And chorein means "to make room." One understanding of perichoresis is "rotation" or in other words, "going around." Some have called this movement around in a circle as dance. All members of the dance move together, creating and making room for one another. And this is the astounding part. The Bible tells a story in which humanity is invited into this dance.

The Trinitarian Godhead, communal in nature, invites human beings into relationship, not only with God but also with one another. So when we gather, we embody the very nature of God and are given the opportunity to express love like God does.







Gathering on your own

Practicing Hospitality
Spending Time with the Triune God

Gathering with others

Sharing Stories
Dance and Faith
Table Fellowship



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Recommended Reading

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Practice, not Perfect

"First, God calls all people to himself. Second, God calls his people to one another."

Sandra Maria Van Opstal



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