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In Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, he gives a series of blessings to his listeners. These blessings, often called the beatitudes, describe the way of following Jesus. This way, or journey, is a way of peace. "Blessed are the peacemakers," he says. In his ministry, Jesus consistently subverts expectations in the stories he tells so that the poor and grieving are blessed and his followers are called to peace, even with enemies.

Peacemaking is a high calling and a tall order. Our world today is often divided and volatile, but Jesus' call to peace suggests that the world has always been in need of peacemakers. Called to live in peace as brothers and sisters, when we want to grow as peacemakers, we should seek to practice what Jesus preached. We can do this through a variety of spiritual practices you can explore in this module.







Peacemaking on your own

Peacemaking with others

Forgiving and Restoring



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Recommended Reading

If you are interested in exploring peacemaking as a spiritual practice and would like to explore more and with greater depth, here are some resources you might like to utilize:


Practice, not Perfect

"Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend."

Martin Luther King, Jr.



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