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Student Veteran Testimonials


Jess Egan - Pepperdine University

Jess Egan

United States Marine Corps
Seaver College

"After leaving the Marine Corps, I did not know what to expect or exactly how to navigate my transition back to civilian life. I immediately met amazing staff and faculty, who were interested in not only my story, but also how to better support Veterans who were part of the Pepperdine family. I began by founding the Pepperdine Student Veterans Organization at Seaver in an effort to reach out to other veterans and facilitate the often difficult transition from the service back to school, as well as come together and create opportunities to develop professionally and personally.

Since that time, with the help of dedicated faculty, staff, and students, as well as the support of President Benton, we have been able to create invaluable resources and better foster an environment where veterans can feel at home. It is a great time to be a veteran student at Pepperdine, and I could not have asked for a better experience, since starting undergraduate studies here."



Asa Miller - Pepperdine University

Asa Miller

United States Navy, '08-'14
Seaver College

"I started attending Pepperdine Fall 2014. In that short amount of time, I've been able to meet fellow veterans through the Student Veterans Organization which has proven to be a worthwhile resource. As veterans, we are non-traditional students and our attitudes and perspectives are probably a bit different than the "normal" student. However, by getting involved with the Student Veterans Organization, I have been made more aware of the opportunities here on campus that enable us as student veterans to get involved in the community and to develop professionally in ways that align with our interests."


Jessica Boess

United States Navy
Seaver College

"At Pepperdine, you are more than a number and that sets the University apart from others. The standard of education is high and curriculum is definitely challenging, but the education is engaging and you are treated like family. The professors care, and will go above and beyond to assist you, should you ask for the help! Not only do they work with you academically, they are here for you spiritually and emotionally, too.

College is difficult as a returning student, especially as a returning Veteran. The feeling of isolation is common so this guidance is extremely important. I love the uniqueness of Pepperdine, in that, we can freely talk about our relationship with God. It provides an element that I felt would be missing in pursuing an education elsewhere."