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Ceremonies in Stauffer Chapel

Inside of Stauffer Chapel with stained glass windows and pews - Pepperdine University

This beautiful building commands a stunning vista overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Inside the chapel, against the brilliant stained glass backdrop and under the vaulted ceiling, couples seal their wedding vows. It's truly a place that radiates elegance from the Malibu campus of Pepperdine University.


There is seating for approximately 180 people in lovely pews made of white ash wood. A small balcony contains audio/visual equipment, a small space for videographer and photographer, and the Rodgers organ—a prestigious classical organ with outstanding sound and tone quality. The acoustics in Stauffer Chapel are regarded as exceptional with a quality justifying it as the recording location for the Pepperdine Concert Choir's publicly marketed a cappella CD, "Sacred Songs From the Chapel" (2004).

The view outside of the chapel is ideal for photography. The front window of the chapel faces south and is therefore evenly illuminated throughout the day.

The chapel is situated on a hill that overlooks the Malibu Colony, the famous Malibu Pier and beach, and the small seaside community. On a clear day, Santa Monica and Palos Verdes are visible across Santa Monica Bay. Above the chapel is the Pepperdine campus, nestled in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains.

Just outside the chapel's front entry is a large round fountain featuring sculptured herons and frogs. A small patio on its south side is ideal for photography with ocean and shoreline backdrops. In the chapel's courtyard adjacent to the first steps up to the outdoor Fouch Amphitheatre is the Military Honor Garden with five benches representing the five branches of the military.