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Embedded in all of our days, weeks, and years are opportunities to grow deeper in faith and closer in community. And we often take advantage of this special, transitional time of the year to commit to new spiritual habits—to devote time to God and to our spiritual growth.

We have an astounding number of faith resources available in this community among our faculty, staff, students, and guests. So this year, I am launching a spiritual life podcast and blog that will make those resources more widely available across our five schools, in hopes that we can better support and connect to one another in our spiritual lives. It is my hope that the regular messages may encourage and teach you something new on your commute, afternoon walk, or lunch break.

—Sara Barton, University Chaplain

Annabelle Childers (Seaver '22)

What kind of person am I after surviving Borderline?

On the two-year anniversary of the Borderline shooting, Seaver College Junior, Annabelle Childers reflects on the question she often asks herself, "What kind of person am I after this?"

Staff member lights candles

An Invitation to Pastoral Care from the Office of the Chaplain and Spiritual Life Programs

To our community members who have bravely shared stories of racial trauma in university public forums and on social media accounts, as spiritual caregivers, we want you to know that we pray over your experiences and are introspective about our own roles in creating a beloved community. In response to the sin of racism, we seek justice, we seek peace. Read more for a message from your chaplains and spiritual life leaders.


Hospitality in a Time of Coronavirus

Dr. De Long shares examples of hospitality that provide spaces of welcome, inclusion, and belonging while we experience social distancing.

Cynthia Colburn, PhD

Words of Encouragement During Covid-19

Cynthia Colburn, Professor of Art History at Seaver College, shares some words of encouragement during "Safer at Home" in Malibu, California.

Pepperdine SWAB Student Leaders

Season 2 - Episode 6: Seaver College SWAB Student Leaders

Today's spiritual life podcast features Pepperdine Student leaders and members of the Student Wellness Association Board (SWAB). Listen in as Sara asks Seaver students, Giuliana Golon, Amanda Fricker, and Morgan Clinton to reflect on their experiences with SWAB at Pepperdine and what it means to engage the spiritual as part of wholistic health.


Rational Faith for Irrational Hopes: Praying Bigger Prayers During Times of Crisis

Olivia Robinson, Seaver College senior, reflects on how the uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation has shaped her prayer life to move beyond what is probable and put her hope in God.

Daniel Perez

When Your Future is Unclear, Trust in the Lord

Daniel shares his thoughts about leaving Malibu and moving back to his parents’ home in Santa Paula, California due to the rapid spread of COVID-19. In this post, he reflects on Mark 16:1-8 and what it could possibly mean for disciples of Jesus today.

Rick Gibson

Cave Dwellers: Good Friday 2020

Rick Gibson reflects on living faithfully during Good Friday 2020. Rick shares how he is making sense of the Coronavirus pandemic through art, and he honors his mentor, Dr. Wayne Strom, who passed away of Coronavirus last week.

Elizabeth Smith

Sharing Stories about the World, in the Time of Coronavirus

Dr. Elizabeth Smith, Assistant Professor of Journalism at Seaver College, reflects on the power of storytelling in her own spiritual life and work as a journalist.

Dr. Lauren Amaro is Associate Professor of Communication at Seaver College, with expertise in health and family communication. She is spouse to Carlos and mom to Caleb and Naomi. Read more of her writing at www.laurenamaro.com.

Spiritual Rhythms in the Time of Coronavirus

Dr. Lauren Amaro, Associate Professor of Communication at Seaver College, reflects on how she is coping professionally and personally during the COVID-19 crisis and invites us to slow down and consider practicing Sabbath rest.