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"Art History"

Embedded in all of our days, weeks, and years are opportunities to grow deeper in faith and closer in community. And we often take advantage of this special, transitional time of the year to commit to new spiritual habits—to devote time to God and to our spiritual growth.

We have an astounding number of faith resources available in this community among our faculty, staff, students, and guests. So this year, I am launching a spiritual life podcast and blog that will make those resources more widely available across our five schools, in hopes that we can better support and connect to one another in our spiritual lives. It is my hope that the regular messages may encourage and teach you something new on your commute, afternoon walk, or lunch break.

—Sara Barton, University Chaplain

Rick Gibson

Cave Dwellers: Good Friday 2020

Rick Gibson reflects on living faithfully during Good Friday 2020. Rick shares how he is making sense of the Coronavirus pandemic through art, and he honors his mentor, Dr. Wayne Strom, who passed away of Coronavirus last week.

Dr. Tuan Hoang

Reflections on Unity in Community through Artistic Expressions of the Last Supper

Dr. Tuan Hoang, Assistant Professor of Great Books, Seaver College, comments on the complex nature of pursuing unity in Christian community by reflecting on two distinct historical paintings of the Last Supper.