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Embedded in all of our days, weeks, and years are opportunities to grow deeper in faith and closer in community. And we often take advantage of this special, transitional time of the year to commit to new spiritual habits—to devote time to God and to our spiritual growth.

We have an astounding number of faith resources available in this community among our faculty, staff, students, and guests. So this year, I am launching a spiritual life podcast and blog that will make those resources more widely available across our five schools, in hopes that we can better support and connect to one another in our spiritual lives. It is my hope that the regular messages may encourage and teach you something new on your commute, afternoon walk, or lunch break.

—Sara Barton, University Chaplain

Hattie Pace

Renewal Series: Letting God Renew Me

Junior Hattie Pace connects her relationship with art to her relationship with God, discussing how she remains confident in God’s ever-inspiring and renewing presence.

Annabelle Childers (Seaver '22)

What kind of person am I after surviving Borderline?

On the two-year anniversary of the Borderline shooting, Seaver College Junior, Annabelle Childers reflects on the question she often asks herself, "What kind of person am I after this?"

Pepperdine SWAB Student Leaders

Season 2 - Episode 6: Seaver College SWAB Student Leaders

Today's spiritual life podcast features Pepperdine Student leaders and members of the Student Wellness Association Board (SWAB). Listen in as Sara asks Seaver students, Giuliana Golon, Amanda Fricker, and Morgan Clinton to reflect on their experiences with SWAB at Pepperdine and what it means to engage the spiritual as part of wholistic health.


Rational Faith for Irrational Hopes: Praying Bigger Prayers During Times of Crisis

Olivia Robinson, Seaver College senior, reflects on how the uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation has shaped her prayer life to move beyond what is probable and put her hope in God.

Pepperdine 2020 Seniors

Season 2 - Episode 5: Seaver College 2020 Seniors

Today's spiritual life podcast features four Seaver College seniors. Listen in as Sara asks students, Caroline Sisson, Matthew Pastor, Jared Lee, and Allison Lee to reflect on their spiritual lives and how they are processing recent interruptions to their senior year. 

Jennifer Berry Hawes

Season 2 - Episode 4: Jennifer Berry Hawes

Jennifer Berry Hawes shares remarkable testimonials from the 2015 shooting at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Hawes recalls conversations with the three surviving victims and discusses her book, "Grace Will Lead Us Home: The Charleston Church Massacre and the Hard, Inspiring Journey to Forgiveness.”

Abagail M. Gibson

Communicating the Complexity of Faith as a Historian

Abigail M. Gibson, Master’s student at University of Oklahoma, shares how her perspective as an historian has contributed to the ways in which she understands herself, her faith, and the complexities of life itself in the age of social media.

Christina Littlefield

Truth, Having Nothing to Fear From Investigation, Should Be Pursued Relentlessly in all Disciplines

Christina Littlefield, Associate Professor of Communication and Religion at Seaver College discusses her experiences as a truth-seeker, connects biblical teachings to being a truth-seeking journalist, and reflections on finding God in questioning.

Albert Tate

Season 1 - Episode 2: Albert Tate

Pastor Tate, Founding Pastor at Fellowship Church Monrovia, discusses starting a multiethnic, intergenerational church, the value of finding God in and through community, faith deconstruction and religious cynicism, and going after greatness in service of one another.