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Embedded in all of our days, weeks, and years are opportunities to grow deeper in faith and closer in community. And we often take advantage of this special, transitional time of the year to commit to new spiritual habits—to devote time to God and to our spiritual growth.

We have an astounding number of faith resources available in this community among our faculty, staff, students, and guests. So this year, I am launching a spiritual life podcast and blog that will make those resources more widely available across our five schools, in hopes that we can better support and connect to one another in our spiritual lives. It is my hope that the regular messages may encourage and teach you something new on your commute, afternoon walk, or lunch break.

-Sara Barton, University Chaplain

Jim and Joline Gash, President and First Lady of Pepperdine University

Season 2 - Episode 1: Jim and Joline Gash

Season 2, Episode 1 kicks off with the 8th President of Pepperdine University, Jim Gash and First Lady, Joline Gash. Jim and Joline share their vocational journeys, early memories that sparked their love, and their hopes and dreams for a new season of Pepperdine. Listen in as President Gash shares his dream to see Pepperdine as a unified body gathering with more intentionality towards worshipping and praying together.

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Season 1 - Episode 8: Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis and Dr. Mallory Wyckoff

In today's spiritual life podcast, Sara talks to Dr. Thema Bryant Davis and Dr. Mallory Wyckoff about the relation of sexuality to our spiritual lives, in particular, purity culture and the impact of sexual trauma on survivors' theological perception and spiritual formation. This podcast has advice and significance for every listener out there! Listen in as Dr. Thema and Dr. Mallory discuss the spiritual life as an embodied spiritual journey filled with study, the arts, ministry, worship, therapy, spiritual direction, and healing. If you would like a further resource related to the topic of sexual trauma, see Sara Barton's recent sermon by copying and pasting this link into your web browser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pTyrZU8H38&t=16s.

Eboo Patel

Season 1 - Episode 7: Eboo Patel

This spiritual life podcast features Sara's conversation with author, speaker, educator, and interfaith leader, Dr. Eboo Patel. Eboo founded Interfaith Youth Core on the idea that religion should be a bridge of cooperation rather than a barrier of division. He is inspired to build this bridge by his identity as an American Muslim navigating a religiously diverse social landscape. On the podcast, Sara asks about Eboo's spiritual practices, the role of his mother's faith in his life, and his hopes for the young people to whom he devotes his life.

Season 1 - Episode 6: Seaver Students Hope Mueller and Olivia Robinson

Season 1 - Episode 6: Seaver Students Hope Mueller and Olivia Robinson

In this podcast, University Chaplain, Sara Barton talks to Olivia Robinson (Seaver College, 2020) and Hope Mueller (Seaver College, 2019) about their spiritual journeys. Olivia reflects on her recent Pepperdine TEDx talk and her hopes for love as a strategy for reconciliation. Hope talks about what it was like to be the first female Christopher Parkening classical guitar student and how her Christian upbringing was stretched and affirmed while at Pepperdine.


Season 1 - Episode 5: Propaganda

Poet and Hip Hop artist, Jason Petty, better known as “Propaganda,” shares his spiritual biography, journey to Hip Hop and few behind the scenes insights to some of his music.

Dr. Soong-Chan Rah and Daughter, Anna Rah

Season 1 - Episode 4: Soong-Chan Rah

Dr. Soong-Chan Rah, Seaver College parent and seminary professor at North Park University, shares the reasons he is excited for his daughter to attend Pepperdine, and his research as an experienced pastor and academic on topics including lament, authenticity in worship, faith deconstruction and religious cynicism, and the globalization of the Christian movement in modern history.

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Season 1 - Episode 3: Dr. Tabatha Jones Jolivet and Dr. Chris Collins

Dr. Tabatha Jones Jolivet and Dr. Chris Collins discuss their new book, “White Jesus: The Architecture of Racism in Religion and Education.” They share their personal experiences with the cultural construction of a white Jesus-figure and some of the a white Jesus-figure is affecting America today. Drs. Jolivet and Collins share their vulnerable experiences deciding on the book’s cover and invite us to draw deeper into intersectional community life.

Albert Tate

Season 1 - Episode 2: Albert Tate

Pastor Tate, Founding Pastor at Fellowship Church Monrovia, discusses starting a multiethnic, intergenerational church, the value of finding God in and through community, faith deconstruction and religious cynicism, and going after greatness in service of one another.

Andrew K. Benton

Season 1 - Episode 1: Andrew K. Benton

Andrew K. Benton, President of Pepperdine University reflects on his call to Pepperdine, his intimate prayer life and sacred practices of finding God, and how his Christian faith influences his role as President.