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Embedded in all of our days, weeks, and years are opportunities to grow deeper in faith and closer in community. And we often take advantage of this special, transitional time of the year to commit to new spiritual habits—to devote time to God and to our spiritual growth.

We have an astounding number of faith resources available in this community among our faculty, staff, students, and guests. So this year, I am launching a spiritual life podcast and blog that will make those resources more widely available across our five schools, in hopes that we can better support and connect to one another in our spiritual lives. It is my hope that the regular messages may encourage and teach you something new on your commute, afternoon walk, or lunch break.

—Sara Barton, University Chaplain

Staff member lights candles

An Invitation to Pastoral Care from the Hub for Spiritual Life and Spiritual Life Programs

To our community members who have bravely shared stories of racial trauma in university public forums and on social media accounts, as spiritual caregivers, we want you to know that we pray over your experiences and are introspective about our own roles in creating a beloved community. In response to the sin of racism, we seek justice, we seek peace. Read more for a message from your chaplains and spiritual life leaders.

Cynthia Colburn, PhD

Words of Encouragement During Covid-19

Cynthia Colburn, Professor of Art History at Seaver College, shares some words of encouragement during "Safer at Home" in Malibu, California.

Jeffrey R. Baker

How Practicing Law Teaches Me to Love My Neighbor

Professor Jeffrey R. Baker, Associate Clinical Professor of Law, Director of Clinical Education, reflects on the complexities of individuals through his lens as a lawyer, leading us to deeply reflect on the call to love our neighbor.