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Read along with the Pepperdine Community, through the journey of discovering God's Kingdom breaking out at Pepperdine and around the world.

Jonathan Kwok (Seaver '17)

Serving in Community as a Global Citizen

Jonathan Kwok (Seaver '17), currently serves as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Lesotho, Africa. In this blog post, Jonathan reflects on what service in community has meant after college and how he seeks to embody Pepperdine's values.

Steven Zhou (Seaver '15 and '17)

How Christian Higher Education Prepared Me for the Real World

Steven Zhou (Seaver ’15 and ’17), shares three primary lessons learned from gaining a Christian higher education at Pepperdine University.

Avery Davis Lamb (Seaver '16)

May The Climate Crisis Be A Moral Opportunity to Build The World We Are Called to Build

Seaver Graduate, Avery Davis Lamb ('16), presents the biblical invitation to care for and tend to the ecology of Creation, each other, and God.

Harmony Hill-Weber

Fear and Courage: Companions on the Journey

Harmony Hill-Weber shares her journey of overcoming fear to step into her vocational calling as a chaplain, and the people God used to give her courage along the way.

Dr. Jooho Lee

Glorifying God with Life and Possessions

Dr. Jooho Lee shares his thoughts on the relationship between possessions and God’s desire for generous living, reminding us that all aspects of creation are owned by God.

Nate Barton

How Uganda Taught Me About the Real Effects of Climate Change

In this blog post, Nate Barton (Seaver '16 and SPP '18) connects environmental policy to ethical responsibilities for people of faith.

Whitney Young Groves meets with women in Washington DC to listen to their stories and presentations to US Congressional and government leaders

Advocacy as a Spiritual Practice

Seaver Graduate, Whitney Young Groves ('17), Advocacy Associate with World Vision USA, presents the biblical imperative to advocate on behalf of others and reflects on her role as an advocate for gender equality.

Dean Helen E. Williams

The Intersection of the Spiritual and the Physical in Everyday Life

Dr. Helen Easterling Williams, Dean of the Graduate School of Education and Psychology, explores seeking divine direction in every aspect of her life.

Dr. Tuan Hoang

Reflections on Unity in Community through Artistic Expressions of the Last Supper

Dr. Tuan Hoang, Assistant Professor of Great Books, Seaver College, comments on the complex nature of pursuing unity in Christian community by reflecting on two distinct historical paintings of the Last Supper.

Judy Ho

Embracing Spiritual Resilience

Are you in a rut in your spiritual life? In this blog post, Dr. Judy reflects on the role our varying personalities play in our spiritual development and offers ideas for building spiritual resilience.