About Church Relations

From the time of its founding as George Pepperdine College in 1937, Pepperdine University has always valued its special relationship with the Churches of Christ. George Pepperdine served as an elder in the Church of Christ for nearly 40 years, and a majority of the administration and faculty for the past 60 years have also been active members of a local congregation of the Church of Christ.

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In 1968, Pepperdine College in Los Angeles announced that it had accepted an offer of 138 acres of land at the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Malibu Canyon Road in Malibu. In exchange for this gift, Pepperdine agreed to develop a new campus in the coastal community. In that same historic year, an administrative decision was made to establish an office of Church Relations to insure that the college would always maintain a vital relationship with the Churches of Christ. When the Malibu campus opened in 1972, the ties between Pepperdine University and the Churches of Christ continued to be one of the distinguishing characteristics of the school.

For more than 30 years the office of Church Relations has devoted its energies to strengthening the ties between the university and the church. The primary ways in which this has been accomplished have been the annual Bible Lectures, faculty/staff preaching opportunities, ministers luncheons, the work of the Associated Women for Pepperdine, and the Won by One singing group.

In addition to these various ministries, the office of Church Relations works closely with the Religion and Philosophy Division of Seaver College, the Boone Center for the Family at GSEP and the Institute for Dispute Resolution at the School of Law, to build bridges to the church constituency that has spiritually nurtured the institution for more than 70 years.