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Do I have to stay all four nights if I stay on campus?

Prices for housing are for the week; they are not prorated based on how many nights you are staying. However, you may choose to arrive later or check out early as your schedule dictates.

Can I arrive earlier or stay later in on-campus housing?

Since Pepperdine graduation takes place the Saturday directly before Bible Lectures, we need as much time as possible to get everything cleaned and ready for our guests. Therefore, housing is not available until Tuesday at 12 PM (noon).
And, since summer school begins the Monday following Bible Lectures, we need every minute to prepare the campus for our students. Therefore, everyone must be moved out by Saturday at 10 AM.

Are the rooms fully furnished?

The rooms are not furnished with bed linens, bath towels, microwaves, clothing hangers, coffeemakers, or dishes. Linen sets can be reserved for those traveling by plane, which includes sheets, towels, a pillow, and a blanket. Please note that there is no air conditioning in the rooms; however, the breezes from the Pacific Ocean are usually sufficient to keep rooms cool.

What sleeping arrangements do children have?

Families may purchase beds for their children at the listed price or they may sleep on the floor for a reduced rate. You may wish to bring bedding and/or inflatable mattresses for those on the floor. Any open beds in that room will be available for booking by someone of the same gender.

What if I am coming alone and need on-campus housing?

You are welcome to request a roommate whom you know is also attending. However, if a roommate is not requested, a guest of the same gender may be assigned to the other bed in your room. If you prefer to have the room to yourself, you may want to purchase the other bed to avoid having a roommate.

What about wheelchair-accessible rooms?

Wheelchair-accessible rooms are available in:
- Towers (railings in showers and near toilets)
- Lovernich (railings in bathtubs and near toilets)

If a church, family, or ministry group comes, can we all stay together?

One of the joys many of our guests experience is staying with a group, whether it's a church group, a family reunion, or just good friends. Depending on what housing option you choose, you may need to register and pay for the whole group or have everyone register individually. Please make sure everyone's registration uses the same name to identify the group ("John Doe's group" or "Hillside Church").

Where can I get recordings of the Bible Lectures?

All keynotes and most sessions are available for FREE download the very next day on our website under the "Multimedia" tab. Sessions with performances or visual elements may not be recorded. Keynotes in Firestone Fieldhouse will also be streamed live.

How can my organization reserve an exhibitor table?

There are limited spaces for exhibitor tables at the Pepperdine Bible Lectures. First right of refusal is given to those with tables the previous year. Then, the remaining spaces are offered to organizations on the wait list. To be added to the wait list, submit a request to church.relations@pepperdine.edu.