Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I park?

Parking is available at the Fieldhouse, Drescher, Towers, and Lovernich, and on all streets around campus (except for those with red curbs). This week is a regular work week for faculty/staff, so the Theme Tower and Smothers Main Lot are closed.

The Pepperdine shuttles provide complimentary transportation around the campus all day, so regardless of where you park, you'll be able to get to where you need to go. Use the mobile app to track their GPS signals.

For Handicap parking, see the attendant at the guard gate when you arrive and they can direct you to the most appropriate location.

What are the fees to attend?

Conference fees, whether staying on-campus or not, are listed here.

What are meal options for the event?

You can purchase a meal ticket when you register, which includes either 7 meals (breakfast and lunch) or 11 meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). These can be used at both the Waves Cafe (open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and the Amphitheatre Grill (open for lunch and dinner). You can also pay as you go with cash or credit card.

If you plan to attend a special meal program in the Hahn Fireside Room or Faculty Dining Room, you may purchase your meal at the Grill or at Waves Cafe and carry it to the venue.

Other food services include Starbucks in Payson Library or Jamba Juice in the Student Center.

If I've personalized my schedule through the app, am I guaranteed a spot in that session?

Seating is on a first-come basis at all sessions, except for the Prayer School, which required registration. The mobile app provides a way for you to personalize your session interest, but is not considered admission to each session.

Keep in mind that almost all sessions are recorded for free download after the event. Those that speakers have requested to not record are noted in the session description.

Are scholarships available for ministers and their families?

Need-based scholarships are available for Harbor 2018 to Church of Christ ministers and their families, made possible by President Andy Benton. Fill out the application here for consideration.

If I'm only coming one day, do I still need to register?

Registration is required for this annual conference, regardless of how many sessions you attend.

Are all sessions recorded for download?

All keynotes and most sessions are available for FREE audio download the following week on our website under the "Multimedia" tab. Livestream recordings are available immediately, and other video sessions are available a few weeks later.

Some sessions are not recorded at the request of the speaker or due to the content of the class. Those are noted on the schedule.

Is there transportation to/from the airport?

Transportation is not provided to or from the airport, however Uber, Lyft, and a variety of shuttle companies do provide services from both LAX and Burbank airports.

Where is Lost and Found?

Misplaced items can be picked up at Lecture Central, located in the Plaza Classroom annex near Elkins Auditorium. You may also call (310) 506-4270.

How can my organization reserve an exhibitor table?

There are limited spaces for exhibitor tables at Harbor. First right of refusal is given to those with tables the previous year. Then, the remaining spaces are offered to organizations on the wait list. To be added to the wait list, submit a request to

About Housing:

What are the on-campus housing options?

Housing options range from "dorm-style" to apartments, and even RVs! Details and pricing can be found here.

Can my spouse and I be roommates?

Even though the rooms are for student housing during the school year, we do house married couples together during Harbor. Keep in mind that the beds are long, twin beds.

When do I know what my exact housing assignment will be?

Your specific room or apartment number will be emailed to you in April with detailed check-in and housing guidelines. Special requests, such as wheelchair accessibility and roommate requests, are always taken into account when assigning your room.

What sleeping arrangements do children have?

Families may register for standard housing admission for their children at the listed price or they may sleep on the floor in their parents' room, listed as "Youth Admission + Reduced Housing." You may wish to bring bedding and/or inflatable mattresses for those on the floor. Any open beds in that room will be available for booking by someone of the same gender.

What if I am coming alone and need on-campus housing?

If you are traveling alone, your preference may be a room in the Drescher apartments, which provides you a private room in an apartment with others of the same gender. If you prefer to be closer to the main campus, you are welcome to select another housing option and either request a roommate whom you know is also in that housing or a guest of the same gender may be assigned to the other bed in your room. If you prefer to have the room to yourself, you may want to purchase the other bed to avoid having a roommate.

What about wheelchair-accessible rooms?

Wheelchair-accessible rooms are available in:
- Towers (railings in showers and near toilets)
- Lovernich (railings in bathtubs and near toilets)

If a church, family, or ministry group comes, can we all stay together?

One of the joys many of our guests experience is staying with a group, whether it's a church group, a family reunion, or just good friends. Depending on what housing option you choose, you may need to register and pay for the whole group or have everyone register individually. Please make sure everyone's registration uses the same name to identify the group ("John Doe's group" or "Hillside Church").

Are there scholarships available for ministers and their families?

Need-based scholarships are available for Harbor 2018 to Church of Christ ministers and their families, made possible by President Andy Benton. Fill out the application here for consideration.

Is General Admission included in my Housing?

Yes, when staying on campus, your General Admission is included in your housing registration.

Can I arrive earlier or stay later in on-campus housing?

Since Pepperdine graduation takes place the Saturday directly before Harbor, housing is not available until Tuesday. And, since summer school begins the Monday following Harbor, we need every minute to prepare the campus for our students. Therefore, everyone must be moved out by Saturday at 10 AM.

Are the rooms fully furnished?

Since the rooms are typical college student rooms, they include long, twin beds, desks, and closets. Apartments also include refrigerators, ovens, and sinks. The rooms are not furnished with bed linens, bath towels, microwaves, clothing hangers, coffeemakers, or dishes. Linen sets can be requested by those unable to bring their own, which includes sheets, towels, a pillow, and a blanket. Please note that there is no air conditioning in the rooms; however, the breezes from the Pacific Ocean are usually sufficient to keep rooms cool.

Do I have to stay all four nights if I stay on campus?

Prices for housing are for the week; they are not prorated based on how many nights you are staying. However, you may choose to arrive later or check out early as your schedule dictates.

I registered for linens but don't see them listed in my confirmation. How do I know?

In the registration process, the request for linens was a Yes/No question therefore it would not show up as a paid item on your confirmation. If you're not certain how you responded to the question, please give us a call at (310) 506-4270.

About Presenting:

How do I become a speaker at Harbor?

If there is a ministry or biblical topic that you are passionate about (it does not need to relate to the main theme), we welcome your proposal to present. Please email with your name, a little information about yourself, the topic and brief description, and the name of the church you are actively engaged with. Session teachers are selected in July/August.

What do speakers typically wear?

The dress for our speakers is business casual. This typically means a button-down shirt with jeans or casual pants for men, and an informal dress or a blouse and skirt/pants for women. Most attendees are dressed in business casual clothing.

What special discounts or benefits do speakers receive?

Our speakers and singing groups receive a 75% discount on their housing and meals, as well as that of their immediate family. Special guest speakers and keynote speakers receive complimentary housing and meals.

All speakers are invited to a special reception at the home of Pepperdine's president and first lady during the week.

Speakers also receive strong publicity for themselves by inclusion on our website and mobile app, as well in the large promotion booklet mailed to over 15,000 homes and churches.

How do I coordinate my audio/visual needs for my session?

Please check the schedule for the location and time of your session. All classrooms and venues have easy-to-use projection capabilities with VGA input for your laptop's feed and a 3.5mm input for your audio, if needed. Please provide your own adapter for these inputs.

If you don't know which input your computer uses, an image of a VGA input can be found here and a 3.5 mm input here

If you have any specific a/v questions, please contact the appropriate technical liaison for that space.

Is my session recorded?

If you are teaching a class, your session will be recorded for upload to iTunes U (unless you have requested otherwise). Those sessions that will not be recorded have been noted on the website and mobile app. Concerts and worship sessions will not be recorded either due to copyright and licensing.

The session and keynote recordings will serve as a free resource for Christians and churches across the globe, so please introduce yourself at the beginning of your session and restate any audience questions that may not have been picked up by the microphone. It takes roughly two weeks for all of the sessions to be uploaded.

What if I need specific props or seating for my session?

If you need any special props or seating for your session, please let us know several weeks in advance so we can begin to take inventory of those requests.

How do I promote my session?

Feel free to promote your session to our attendees! Use #harborpbl18 to get the word out on social media. We also have projection slides and several graphics available for use on your website, social media, and any print materials.

Do I still need to register even though I'm a speaker?

Registration is required by all speakers and attendees. If you have not yet registered as a speaker, please do so with the special discount code provided earlier. We will not have your name badge or speaker packet available without this registration.

Is transportation to and from the airport provided?

Airport transportation is arranged only for our featured speakers. There are a variety of airport shuttles as well as Uber and Lyft that make the drive from both LAX and Burbank airports.

How do I share my class materials with attendees?

If you would like us to upload your projection slides to the mobile app at the end of your session, please email your document in PDF form to at the time you'd like them uploaded.

If you plan to provide your attendees with printed materials instead, please plan to bring them with you or visit Pepperdine's Print Shop to have copies made at their standard rates.

Where are the speakers housed?

Speakers are given the same variety of accommodation choices as our attendees, with the exception of our featured speakers who may receive hotel accommodations.