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Welcome to Harbor 2018

Mike Cope


I know you were wondering, so here's what Jimmy Buffett has to say about the Holy Spirit:

Vampires, Mummies, and the Holy Ghost,
These are the things that terrify me the most
No aliens, psychopaths, or MTV hosts
Scare me like vampires, mummies, and the Holy Ghost!

I heard very little about the Holy Spirit or the Trinity growing up. Like Alexander Campbell himself, many of us were afraid that a focus on the Spirit would lead to emotional excesses.

However, the New Testament is full of references to the ministry of the Spirit. (The Greek word "pneuma" appears over 350 times!) This Spirit is the Paraclete whom Jesus promised when he said it was better for us that he leave following his resurrection. The Spirit is the moving force behind the witnessing of the early church in Acts. And the Holy Spirit is the power behind the transformation that Paul expects of those who have been baptized into Jesus.

God's Spirit is, in the images of scripture itself, the wind that blows new life into God's people, the river that flows from the relationship of the Trinity, and the fire that empowers and emboldens Christ-followers. We are both individually and collectively "the temple of the Holy Spirit."

It's going to be quite an adventure—thinking and praying through the theme "The Spirit-Filled People of God." Following a Prayer School led by Brian Zahnd, we will open the theme on May 1 with Rick Atchley speaking about his experience of walking with the Spirit and close on May 4 with Dan Rodriguez challenging us to be open to the fresh leading of God's Spirit in mission.

This beautiful campus will be waiting for you. And the week will be a harbor for your spirit. Trust me, since 1986 it has been just that for me: a place to find safety and shelter, and also a place to refuel for launching back out.


Michael W. Cope
Director of Ministry Outreach