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Harbor: Afternoon Workshops

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No separate registration needed for these sessions. Seating is on a first come basis with your Harbor name badge or Pepperdine ID.

  Becoming a Discipling Church

Ministry in 2020 is hard. Many church leaders are overwhelmed by the task of persuading Christians to gather for one hour each week, and creating on-ramps for engaging these same Christians in substantive discipling can seem all but impossible. We want to claim that discipling is not dead while exploring together practical ways churches can train followers of Jesus to fully participate with God in missional living. This session will include worship, instruction, and the exploration of various ministry approaches and tools that might serve local church leaders in their discipling efforts.

Sandy Johnson, Caleb Panter, Dusty Rush
Wednesday, 2-4:30 PM

  Blessing, Healing, and Lament: Practicing Neglected Spiritual Disciplines

For decades large numbers of believers in the West have been on a journey to recover ancient Christian spiritual disciplines. Often the focus has been on the "private devotions" of prayer, meditation, study, and Bible reading. This workshop is intended for those who want to learn more— and engage in—classic spiritual practices, with special attention to often overlooked disciplines, such as listening, blessing, healing, and lament. Drawing on biblical, early Christian, Benedictine, Ignatian, Anglican, and contemporary sources, the workshop will provide participants with a brief historical and theological introduction to these neglected practices, and will lead participants in the actual practices themselves.

Leonard Allen, Darryl Tippens, Kate Watkins
Thursday, 2-4:30 PM

  Drawing and Sending College Students

Drawing and Sending College Students is well-suited not only to campus ministry leaders and students, but also to anyone who wants to know more about ministry to college and university students. This workshop will provide instruction in a theological framework for campus/college ministry, why outreach to the college-aged person is crucial, why college students may or may not be drawn to your church, and practical steps to begin a ministry to college students at your location. It will also provide time for small group dialog to dream and brainstorm and to access veteran campus ministry leaders.

Chris Buxton, Daniel Jarchow, Scott Lambert, Hannah Parmelee, Neil Reynolds
Thursday, 2-4:30 PM

  Families and Forgiveness: Healing Old Family Wounds

The Bible teaches many things about forgiveness, but at the core, forgiveness involves recovering from violation in a way that does not harm the victim or victimizer. Forgiveness is often thought of as letting go of pain, anger, and bitterness. In this workshop, participants learn that forgiveness is not so much about letting go as it is about putting back—restoring as much love and trustworthiness to the relationships as is feasible and desirable in an ethical and sound therapeutic manner. Richly illustrated through case examples, experiential activities, and group discussion, this workshop promises to move participants to a new understanding of helping those who have been hurt by relationships.

Terry Hargrave
Thursday, 2-4:30 PM

  Firm Foundations for Stormy Times: Youth Ministry Workshop

Teaching ancient truths to today's teens is the challenge of Christian youth leaders everywhere. To provide solid ground for a generation immersed in a culture of shifting values and multiple worldviews takes finding simple yet powerful ways to engage its members. This workshop will offer a practical and comprehensive approach to ground students in sound theology without dumbing down the study of God's word. Hosted by Jeff Walling and led by two best-selling authors and speakers, we will dig into today's challenges and the opportunities to get core scriptures into teens' hearts and heads.

Caleb Kaltenbach, Mark Moore, Jeff Walling
Thursday, 2-4:30 PM

  Hope for Congregations in a New Missional Era

The story is familiar. Congregations are doing everything they know to do, better than they've ever done it before, but with diminishing impact. This is evidence, not that we're incompetent, but that we're doing ministry in a rapidly changing context. How do we lead in these new circumstances? How should we think about change and how should we go about it? This workshop offers hope through practical resources for congregations and their leaders in a new missional era.

Richard Beck, Naomi Walters
Panelists include Wayne Beason and Cheryl Russell
Thursday, 2-4:30 PM

  Thriving in Ministry

Many ministers received excellent training in languages, exegesis, and theology, but they find themselves unequipped to address the important areas of contemplative spirituality, emotional maturity, self-care, and relationship building. This Thriving in Ministry workshop is for men and women in ministry, and will combine instruction, mentoring sessions, and times of contemplation.

Mike Cope, Randy Harris
Wednesday, 2-4:30 PM

  Joining Children: How Do We Live In and Live Out God's Story Together?

The Joining Children workshop is for children's ministers, volunteers, parents, and church leaders who shepherd those involved in the spiritual nurture of children. Through story, worship, response, and reflection, participants will actively engage in conversation about a child's capacity to hear, know, and speak God's truth. We will explore how the church's teaching of children sometimes unintentionally reflects a theology inconsistent with that of the larger faith community. Together we will raise questions and identify simple, but significant practices that respect the child, the biblical text, and God's presence in their lives as full participants of the gathered church.

Ashley Crisp, Carrie Gotcher, Dana Kennamer, Anna Moser, Suzetta Nutt
Thursday, 2-4:30 PM

  Journeys in Churches of Christ: A Conversation

The publication of Why We Stayed: Honesty and Hope in the Churches of Christ (2018) and Staying the Course: Fifteen Leaders Survey Their Past and Envision the Future of Churches of Christ (2019) inspired this session. Jerry Rushford and Michael Strickland will moderate a conversation with a renowned panel of devoted individuals as they reflect on their journeys in Churches of Christ.

John Mark Hicks, Ron Highfield, Carolyn Hunter, Jerry Rushford, Jack Scott, Michael Strickland, John Wilson
Wednesday, 2-4:30 PM

  Keeping Our Kids: Why How We Respond to the LGBTQ+ Community is Vital to Preserving Our Churches

This workshop will equip church leaders to respond with pastoral care to the LGBTQ+ folks in their communities and the people who love them, especially their parents. We will explore how to lead a congregation through a difficult conversation while maintaining unity and love. We will also give attention to how younger generations are responding to this community and how that impacts their desire for deeper relationship with God and interest in being part of a faith community.

Sally Gary
Participants include Pat Bills, Don McLaughlin, Gil Vollmering, and LGBTQ+ Christians
Friday, 2-4:30 PM

  Ministerio hispano donde el idioma no es una barrera

Cómo alcanzar a los latinos de habla inglesa nacidos en los Estados Unidos (How to Reach English-Speaking Latinos Born in the United States)

Aprenda a reconocer y eliminar las barreras socioeconómicas y culturales entre su congregación y la diversa comunidad hispana en su vecindario. (Learn how to recognize and remove socioeconomic and cultural barriers between your congregation and the diverse Hispanic community in your neighborhood.)

Daniel Rodriguez
Friday, 2-4:30 PM

  New Music Malibu: Songs for Worship

God created music with the ability to inspire and encourage us in a unique and special way. Certainly, some of the songs we have known for years hold a special place in our hearts and still move us to tears, but there is also a place for new music to awaken our souls and speak into zones where our worship has gone quiet. Our goals in this workshop are to equip you with a wide variety of new music that you can take home and share with your church family, as well as to enjoy some mountaintop worship together in this beautiful chapel setting. We hope this time will be a feast for your soul!

D. J. Bulls, Shane Coffman, Randy Gill
Thursday, 2-4:30 PM

  Resurrecting the Right Kind of Worship Wars

Emphasizing living the Jesus life throughout each day should never minimize how important worship gatherings are to the local church. Worship offers space for God to deal with our hearts exactly as they are. It can be the place in which the kingdom of God does battle with the kingdoms of this world. And that is primarily a battle for the heart. The goal of this conversation isn't to resurrect worship wars involving style, preference, and the flavor du jour. Instead, we want to carefully, thoughtfully, and pastorally engage in a dialogue about God, sacraments, sacred space, and how worship prepares us for the mission of the other six days of the week.

Joshua Graves, Josh Ross
Wednesday, 2-4:30 PM

  Restoring Relationships: How Can Churches Help People Heal and Develop Healthy Connections?

Hosted by Barna and the Boone Center for the Family

The Restoring Relationships afternoon session will launch a brand-new Barna study that will explore the current state of the relationships most central to our lives and equip leaders and pastors with practical ways to foster healing and hope in the communities they serve.

David Kinnaman, Nancy Ortberg, Kay Warren, Rick Warren
Wednesday, 2-4:30 PM