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PGBS Malibu Exam Proctoring Form

How to Request Approved Exam Accommodations

PGBS students with approved exam accommodations who are attending classes at the Malibu campus will need to complete an Exam Proctoring Form each semester for each class in which they are enrolled. In to give our office time to provide accommodations, we ask that students complete this form at least two weeks before their first exam date and provide all exam dates (including the final) for the semester.

Please follow the instructions below and call 310.506.6500 or stop by the office (Student Assistance Center - SAC 105) with any questions.

  1. Go to the Student Exam Proctoring Form. Please check the title of the form to confirm it is for the correct term (i.e. Fall 2019).
  2. Consult your syllabus for each class to find quiz and exam dates.
  3. Complete the Google Form at the above link.
  4. Review Exam Policies. These policies will guide you as you schedule exams and consider your final exam schedule.
  5. Press Submit. You will receive an email from Google with a copy of the form. Our office will then reach out to your professors two weeks before each exam will take place.

Exam Policies

  1. Submit an Exam Proctoring Request with at least two weeks' notice to guarantee a testing space with OSA
  2. Students who need to change the start time of exams due to extended time overlapping with another class should email the professor and copy student.accessibility@pepperdine.edu (OSA must have professors' permission and a room available before confirming a time change).
    1. This is best done at least one week ahead of the exam date, as space will be limited
    2. It is the responsibility of the student to reschedule exams. OSA does not write notes to professors to excuse absences or tardies due to overlapping exams.
  3. Students who need to schedule a make-up exam must first notify professors and obtain permission to reschedule. Students should forward professor's written permission to student.accessibility@pepperdine.edu.

Please note: OSA defers to professor syllabi in regard to any make-up, rescheduling, or emergency policies. Professors must approve any changes to exam dates.