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Note Taking Procedures

Note takers should begin by taking and turning in notes from the first day of class moving forward

General Guidelines 

  • Submit notes within 24 hours of the class meeting 
  • Note takers who are unable to attend class, should ask for notes from another student in the class 
  • Label notes with the date, course name, and professor 
  • Explain (in first set of notes) any symbols or abbreviations used 
  • Above all, convey the message and content of information as clearly as possible in the way it was intended 
  • Include any changes to the course syllabus

The Submission Process

All notes will be uploaded on the Note Taker Drop-Off Portal

Note takers will be prompted to enter two pieces of information:

  1. Username: this is the student's Network ID; the username used to access Wavenet (e.g. jjsmith) 
  2. Course: this is the course name comprised of the code and section number (e.g. COM 300 05) 
    • This information will be listed on the selection email the student receives upon assignment as a note taker 
    • It is best to enter the class code (COM 300) and wait for the section number (05) to appear in a drop down menu 

Formatting Notes 

  • Notes should be in the form of a PDF or Word document
  • If the electronic file for a set of notes is too large for the portal to upload, please upload in clearly labeled parts
Typed Notes Handwritten Notes

Type in a Word document with 11-12pt font

Upload to the drop-off portal

Handwriting must be clear and legible

Write on only one side of each page 

See Resources for Scanning your Notes to find appropriate means of scanning