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How to Complete Payment Paperwork

Payments for notes are made in the form of a check in the mail to the address provided on the W-9 form. Note takers should choose the address where they will be residing 2-3 weeks after the end of the current term. 

Note takers are considered vendors, and as such, must complete two pieces of paperwork (W-9 and Contract) in order to receive payment. These forms will be sent to the note taker via Pepperdine eSign Portal (echosign@pepperdine.edu). 


Please note that a W-9 is distinct from an I-9, which students may have completed with Student Employment. The university completes payment for notes through a different payment process for vendors and so requires different paperwork. 

The following information should be provided on the W-9: 

  1. Name (must match the full legal name on note taker's bank account) 
  2. Check appropriate box for federal tax classification: Individual/Sole Proprietor 
  3. Address (city, state, and zip code): this will be the location to which payment is sent
    • Address need only be entered once
    • Please note that note takers who list their campus address must include their mailbox number
  4. Social Security Number: the university cannot process payment without this information 

Employer identification number can be left blank. 


  1. Note takers will receive an email from the Pepperdine eSign Portal with a link that says "Click here" 
  2. The document will have blanks with an asterisk that prompt the note taker to provide relevant information 
    • Class code and section should be in the format noted on the contract
    • Class meeting times should be in military time 
    • Note takers may click on the unit number and a drop down menu with options will appear
    • Students may check the class code, section, and unit number in Wavenet 
  3. The document will prompt the note taker to review and initial the contract 
  4. Once the note taker has signed the contract, note takers should select "Click to Sign" 
  5. A message "You have successfully signed the agreement" should appear  


Review instructions with pictures